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Seven Improvements Tricks For Writing An Article

Seven Improvements Tricks For Writing An Article

We are at the point that we are, we can always be better. There is always something to learn, something to improve or some aspect of our writing that deserves more time. The doubt then is how can we improve our writing? What techniques, tricks or hacks are there to take our words to another level?
It has always been said that the best way to improve your writing is to read more and write more. Yes, it is clear, but today I want to go further.

Seven Improvements Tricks For Writing An Article

1. Propose A 100% Specific Goal:

If you want to improve something, you will have to name it and specify it.
"I want to be a better writer" or "I want to improve my persuasive writing" are not measurable goals or objectives. They are too big and will take you to absolute dispersion.
What you should do is propose very specific goals such as:
  • Write better email topics.
  • Improve the readability of my texts.
  • Write better tweets.
This little mental exercise will limit much more what you need to do and will allow you to carry out very concrete actions to improve.
For example, if I want to improve the subjects of my emails maybe I should buy a course on that topic, read articles about it, write many more topics, collect formulas, etc.

2. Read The Copy High (Both Yours And Others):

This is the oldest technique in history to review a text. Grab any item, sales page or email and read all the stops. Things like this are going to happen to you:
You are going to lock reading because a phrase is too long, there are too many commas, etc.
Some words, when you say them up, they will sound really bad and nothing aligned with your usual language. You will see that some sentences do not connect too well with others.
This is one of the simplest ways to pick up a text and cut it out. Remember that it is not necessary that all sales pages are long and that the less you have to read your ideal customer better. If we can convince him with 300 words and it works, even better.
And if in addition to reading the copy you read it to another person who wants to listen to you (difficult), more failures you will find.

3. Rewrite Ads, Sales Pages, And Posters:

This technique is cool, really. It's as if you put yourself to work with the best and over you correct things. Choose an ad from a fence, Ad-words, Facebook Ads, a sales page or any poster that you see on the street. Rewrite and analyze the differences between your text and the previous one and Repeat the process.
This technique is a very powerful client generator. Why? Because if you go to a company or blogger, you modify the texts, you say "I've rewritten your sales page to help you convert more", would you like to try this version? "And that version works better indeed ... you have a future client insured.

4. Have A Repository Of Ideas To Inspire You:

Have you seen a sales page that you loved and forced to buy something? Save it.
Were you on the street and a poster has caught your attention among 1,000 things that were before you? Take a picture
A Facebook Ads ad has captivated and forced you to click? Save it.
Anything that makes you click, subscribe, buy or carry out the proposed goal should be saved. Why? Because inspiration is a bad person and tends to disappear. And it's not fun to be trying to create something for a client and see yourself with no ideas, no inspiration, and no trips to the alley you've gotten yourself into.

5. Write By Hand What Your Copy-writing Idols Have Done:

If you carry out point 4 this point will be easy to execute. You will have pages of sales, announcements and everything at your disposal to be able to write them manually and when I say manually I mean you take a piece of paper, a pen and write it down. There is something different about writing by hand and writing on the PC that at least I have noticed: the transfer of knowledge or technique is much more powerful.
When you write on the PC, although it seems incredible, your attention is less. I often find myself writing and looking out the window or writing while I have my mind in the clouds. However, when I do it on paper, which does not happen.

6. Escape From Your Creative Comfort Zone:

Challenging often serves as extreme learning. I explain. Imagine that you are great at writing articles but that you are terrible designing sales pages. For this reason you decided to move on, dedicate yourself to write posts and outsource the creation of those pages.
The problem is that you are throwing stones on your roof yourself. If you do not write them, you leave your comfort zone and you dare, you will never get better.

7. Receive Feedback From Other People:

The easiest way to improve something is that someone, with sufficient knowledge and qualified to do so, tells you what to improve. I mean hire a coach and ask him to tell you how to improve. That is expensive and not available to many, although if you have enough money I recommend it. It evolves before working a month with someone who is where you want to go that lurching on your own.
You can also ask your friends, your partner or a colleague blogger to review what you write and tell you what you see wrong. Often they will find faults, corrections and things that you can go polishing.

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