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Cycle Racing Events

Cycle Racing Events

On this post, I will introduce the events and races that I would like to recommend once by becoming accustomed to sports bike. We introduce popular events and easy-to-participate events for beginners by long ride, criterium, triathlon, hill climb, cyclocross and five competitions.

Cycle Racing Events
Cycle Racing Events

Long Ride Event:

When you start road bike, it is surprisingly easy to run a distance of 100 km. When you have just purchased, there are many people who start running from the neighborhood 2, 30 km, but as soon as you get used to it you will be able to run a distance of 100 km a day without having to be half a year. If you set the goal of completing 100 km to the end, you may be beat fast to reach the target unexpectedly.
Why do not you join the long ride event as you get used to long distances? Here are some famous long ride events.


Critellium runs a short distance round course set in urban areas, parks, etc., against a road race which is contested by a long distance one-way way like the stage of Tour de France.
The distance of one round of the course is as short as 1 km to 5 km, a course with many corners is set, and runs the determined number of laps. Since it is a round course, the audience can see the running of the players repeatedly, and it is the atmosphere full of presence. Before the goal is often group sprint, the excitement of the audience will be a culminating tide.
However, it is better to participate after experiencing motorcycle control to a certain extent because of a strong event of competitive elements such as group running and sprint before goal. It is a fun event not only to participate but also to watch the game.

Cycle Racing Events
Cycle Racing Events


The Triathlon whose population is increasing continuously in recent years. Challenging the limits of your physical fitness, the sense of accomplishment after goal is exceptional, and you will not be able to get out in a good way as soon as you fall into that charm.

Hill Climb Race:

Since Hill Climb race does not come out in speed, it is an event that even beginners can participate relatively safely. The real pleasure of Hill Climb is the sense of accomplishment and exhilaration after climbing. There is a mysterious charm that you will want to climb again. However, having climbs means there is downhill. Practice of breaking at the downhill and cornering is essential.

Cycle Racing Events
Cycle Racing Events


Cyclocross is a competition that began as an off-season training on road bike. It is an obstacle race that makes an orbiting course of 3 to 4 kilometers per lap and sets lots of obstacles in river beds and beaches, sometimes on the grounds of premises, etc. and competes for how many laps in a fixed time.
I will participate in cyclocross bike equipped with tire and disc brake. One race is as short as about 30 minutes to 1 hour, it is categorized according to the player's level, and a race is performed for each category. Recently not a road bike's off - season training, but more layers enjoying cyclocross as the main players are increasing, and events with high event ability to enjoy also watching spectators are popular.

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