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How To Choose The Right Nicotine Strength For You

How To Choose The Right Nicotine Strength For You
How To Choose The Right Nicotine Strength For You
If you choose e-cigarette over smoke or chemical filled tobacco cigarettes, probably it is the best decision you can take to improve your health.

When making the switch from smoking cigarettes to the electronic cigarette, many new users are puzzled about how to choose nicotine strength. But it needn’t be confusing. You can easily know what strength to start with by answering a few questions.

We're often asked exactly what 12mg and 20mg strengths mean for nicotine. It's the amount of nicotine in mg, for each milliliter of E-Liquid, expressed as mg/ml.

The nicotine density for e-liquid is the number of milligrams of nicotine per milliliter in the E-Liquid. It means a 10ml bottle of 20mg nicotine e-liquid would have 200mg of nicotine in it.  A 30ml bottle of 20mg e-liquid would have 600mg of nicotine percentage.

The amount as well as the feeling of the nicotine absorbed by our body from electronic cigarette smoking depends on many factors. It includes density of the nicotine in e-liquid, the E-cig vaporizing quantity, the smoking frequency and timing, and the smoking inhaling respiration.

Actually the nicotine in the E-Liquid can't be absorbed completely by the vaper.

For example, if you inhale 1 ml of E-Liquid which contains 20 mg of nicotine that does not mean that you absorb all the 20 mg of nicotine.

You may only absorb about 40-65% of the nicotine and it all depends on your smoking habits.

Nicotine Levels In E-Liquids:

E-liquids comes in several strengths: high, medium, low, and zero. E-liquids usually come in 20 mg, 18 mg, 12 mg, or 6 mg strengths.

How To Choose The Right E-Liquid Strength:

Use the E-liquid strength guide below, to help you make your transition to using E-cigarettes easier, and more successful.

Zero nicotine levels are usually ordered by people who have already quit smoking but still have an oral fixation and use an electronic cigarette to satisfy it.

6mg/mL Nicotine: This level of nicotine is the lightest level offered. This is for people who wish to enjoy the smallest possible nicotine level while still enjoying a full E-liquid taste. This is commonly the last level in "stepping."

12mg/mL Nicotine: On the lower end of the spectrum, 12mg/ml is a comfortable level for people who prefer nicotine, but aren't heavy vapers.

18mg/ml Nicotine: Most vapers, usually former smokers, enjoy this level because it delivers the perfect amount of nicotine in each vape.

20mg/ml Nicotine: This is on the high side of nicotine levels and is commonly preferred by people who were formally heavy smokers (about a pack per day).

Here's How To Choose Nicotine Strength For Electronic Cigarettes:

It is important for those switching to vaping, to choose a nicotine strength as close to their tobacco-based cigarettes for two reasons:

1.  Smoking To Compensate:

If you choose a E-liquid with lower nicotine level than what you are used to, your body will still crave it’s normal amount of nicotine and therefore you may think that the e-cigarette doesn’t work for you and you may go back to smoking regular cigarettes.

2.  Too Much Throat Hit:

If you currently smoke a light tobacco based cigarette and you choose a full strength e-liquid strength, you will overload your body with more nicotine. This may result in not liking the e-cigarette.

So, choosing the right nicotine strength is an important decision for a new vaper. Especially, when you are new to vaping, you need to have an idea on the liquid strengths in vapers. Don't forget to choose the high quality e-liquid and don't go for the cheap quality as it can worsen your health. For high quality UK made Donut King e-liquids.

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