Important Factors To Be Considered Before Cosmetic Dentistry


Important Factors To Be Considered Before Cosmetic Dentistry:

Important Factors To Be Considered Before Cosmetic Dentistry

Important Factors To Be Considered Before Cosmetic Dentistry


Cosmetic dentistry is a term used for dental procedures and treatments aimed at improving the aesthetics of your smile. It is important to think about the aspects of cosmetic dentistry your dentist will be performing. You must discuss the options and expectations that your dentist is using predominantly. There are various brands of dental prosthetics, applications, and materials that your dentist must consider before he decides which ones he’ll be using to fit your smile best.

Non-Dental Factors To Be Considered:

Your teeth and smile make up a major portion of your face and play a big part in the overall appearance of your face. Other factors that may influence smile include:

1. Facial Height:

Generally, people with long shaped face have a thin jaw, and this can have an overwhelming impact on the upper arch. It means that there may be limited space for the upper teeth.

2. Facial Width:

Your upper jawbone or cheekbone frames the overall image of your smile. Patients with a narrow facial width may have to consider palatal expansion to achieve a better aesthetical appearance end result in your smile.

3. Age:

Age plays an important role and has an impact on the tension of the lips and cheeks. The older we get, the more prominent our bottom teeth will begin to show, and the height of the face reduces. It is essential for patients to obtain a result that not only reaches the goals they are aiming at with their smile, but that will also suit their age.

4. Lip Volume And Smile Line:

People with thin lips may show a large volume of their teeth when they smile. An essential element to consider when they are planning to undergo cosmetic dentistry treatment. The same applies for the people whose teeth lift too high or don’t cover their teeth.

5. Lost Or Missing Teeth:

Missing or lost teeth will impact the dental arch profoundly thus the overall appearance of the face.

6. Lip And Skin Colour:

People don’t realize that by wearing a different lipstick or getting a tan may have a huge teeth-whitening effect when you smile. These contrasting colours may give the impression of a lighter shade of teeth. These factors must be considered over when cosmetic dental options or teeth whitening options are discussed.

Non-Dental Deliberations:

Detox and fillers – many dentists are now offering filler and Botox treatments to help with advancing the facial aspects when improving a patient’s smile.
Tanning – lowering the shade of your skin whether you’re spending time in the outdoors or getting a spray tan, will affect and give the appearance of much whiter teeth.
Makeup and lipstick colour consultation – Book a consultation with a professional makeup artist, you may gain valuable insight on how to optimize your makeup and lipstick shade to give your teeth the appearance of a whiter shade than it is.
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