10 Important Taxi Safety Tips for Travelers to Use in a Foreign Destination


10 Important Taxi Safety Tips for Travelers to Use in a Foreign Destination
10 Important Taxi Safety Tips for Travelers to Use in a Foreign Destination

Are you scared of taxis? Don’t want to use them on an
international trip? Well, you’re not alone. Several people are apprehensive
about traveling in taxis in a foreign location. But there are a couple of taxi
safety tips for travelers that can make the process an easy one. While it’s
alright to get chatty with the cabbie, it’s not ideal to overshare – especially
if you’re a woman. On the other hand, can drivers are an invaluable resource on
local attractions be it museums, parks, and the like. But to be on the safe
side, always tell them less. We’re not talking about taxi driver safety tips
here. We’re focusing solely on you as a traveler. Keep reading to find out the
best taxi safety tips for travelers to use on an international trip!

How To Stay Safe When Traveling By Taxis:

There are tips on all sorts of things out there – street
food in China, Sushi in Japan, National Parks in the USA, and couch surfing in
India, among other things. But if you’re wondering how to be safe in a taxi
alone, we have the best taxi passenger safety tips to help you out. Follow
these taxi safety tips for travelers even if making a work trip on last minute

1. Know The Rate Beforehand:

Among the first and most important of all taxi safety tips
for travelers is to know the typical taxi rates beforehand. Seek guidance from
your local friend or the hotel manager in this regard. Ask how much it should
typically cost for the trip you wish to take and what the appropriate tip
should be. Also, find out if there’s a currency bill or coin that’s outdated so
that you will know when the taxi driver hands you the change.

2. Have Knowledge Of Where You’re

While there are safe taxi apps around, taxi safety
statistics can paint a sad picture in some locations. Do research on where
you’re going – the distance, time it takes, costs, et al. Yes, the taxi driver
may know shortcuts. But if you feel like he’s intentionally taking you in an
isolated road, get out at the first instant. Toss money onto the front seat in
case this turns out to be a misunderstanding.

3. Book A Taxi Instead Of Hailing
One On The Street:

This is among the best taxi safety tips for travelers to use
when abroad. You don’t know how safe a taxi is even if it’s standing in a legit
taxi line. Ask your hotel to book a taxi for you instead of hailing a cab on
the street. They’ll know trusted agencies and will find you a good cab. This is
how to stay safe taking taxis in a foreign location.

4. Keep An Eye Out For The Meter,
Handles, Badge, And Radio:

If you’ve booked business class flights to visit a place
you’ve never been to before, this is an important thing to keep in mind. Find
out what type of identification is authentic when you take a taxi. Look for a
legit meter, un-tampered with door handles, and a valid taxi driver badge
before you get in. if anything seems off, do not take the taxi.

5. Always Sit In The Backseat:

This is among the top taxi safety tips for travelers
anywhere in the world. You need not sit in the front passenger seat of a taxi
even if you happen to be a guy. Always sit towards the middle in the backseat.
This will keep you a bit out of focus of the driver as well as thieves that may
pass your cab.

6. Be Careful With Valuables:

Among the topmost taxi safety tips for travelers is to make
sure your valuables are hidden well. Never wear costly jewelry as that makes
you an easy target. Instead, keep it hidden in your purse or bag and wear it at
the party or club when you get there. Also, if you’re carrying a bag, keep it
at your feet instead of on the seat so that it can’t be snatched away easily.

7. Say No To Rideshare:

You’re in a new place and want to make friends. That does
not mean you should share a cab with strangers – however well-meaning they may
seem. Say no to someone asking to share your cab even if they seem harmless.
It’s always better to be safe than take the chance and have cause for regret

8. Keep The Windows Rolled Up And
Your Phone In Your Hand:

One of the top taxi safety tips for travelers is to travel
with the windows rolled up. This will prevent thieves from snatching your bag
or purse from the window. Also, you must always keep your phone in hand. It
will be handy in case you need to call someone in an emergency. Also, it will
deter the taxi driver from misbehaving.

9. NEVER Take A Taxi When You’re

This one is an absolute must! You must NEVER take a taxi
when you’re drunk. First of all, try not to get drunk when you’re by yourself
in a foreign land. Go with a buddy you trust if you absolutely must and make
sure that at least one of you is not drunk. Else, call your hotel or a local friend
and have them pick you up instead.

10. Have Emergency Contacts On

This is among the topmost taxi safety tips for travelers to
use regardless of which part of the world they are visiting on international flight tickets. You must know whom to call in case of an emergency. It could be
the police, a friend, or your hotel manager. If you don’t have a lot of time,
you can also make a quick call to someone back home and they’ll notify the
authorities at your destination.

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– Are you scared of taxis? Here are top taxi safety tips for travelers to use
in a foreign location: know the fare beforehand, book a cab instead of hailing
one, say no to ride share, and never take a taxi when you’re drunk. Find out
other taxi safety tips for travelers listed here.
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