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Project 71 Support Japan's Bike Race

Why Project 71 Support Japan Bike Race

Japan's top riders fighting with one baptized "71" in each class, including Kagayama Takeshi and Komuro Akihi who are currently participating in the All Japan Road Race Championship. They agree with a certain project and are carrying out race activities carrying the number 71.

Underworld Support Japan's Road Race:

Project 71 is a new form of support activity for Showa Denki Co., Ltd., headquartered in Daito-shi, Osaka Prefecture, starting from 2018 and conducting on motorcycle sports.
As you know, there are many people who know about road racing fans, but the Showa Denki Group is actively engaged in supporting motorcycle sports as part of social contribution.
Before introducing Project 71, I would like to touch on the history of that support activity.

The Showa Denki Group started participating in the MFJ All Japan Road Race Championship series as "Miss Tracer with HARC-PRO" from 2014.
In the 2018 season, which is the 5th year of the year, "Mistresa RT HARC-PRO" is participating in the MFJ CUP series JP 250 class Kiyuki Akama and the All Japan Road Race Championship Series ST 600 class Daiki Uehara.

Project 71 Support Japan Bike Race
Project 71 Support Japan Bike Race
Also, since 2017, we have officially collaborated with the official team of Hulk Pro Limited Company which is participating in the All Japan Road Race Championship as a "Young Cultivation Project" and is also devoting efforts to support and foster young riders.
In addition, it supports the endurance race "min resistance" of the mini bike produced by Takuma Aoki of former WGP rider, providing facilities such as a helmet dryer and a racing suit dryer to the participants We provide fine-grained support, including drinks and ingredients that were seasonal.
In the race to be held in the hot summer such as "Suzuka 8 Tolerance" and "Motegi 2 & 4 Race", we will provide the Showa Denki Group's circulator fan "Wind Racer" and many other portable fans to many teams.

Motorcycle Lover Come To See The Race:

It is a road racing machine that runs straight at a speed of 250 km / h or more while echoing the racing sound.
In the corner, riders equipped with colorful helmet and leather tsunagi compete with each other in a unique riding form, and will run through one after another.

The impressive exhaust notes and the smell of burning oil, the real pleasure of the road race occupies a lot of parts that can be felt by the five senses of human beings, and the real appeal is mostly unknown unless you step on the circuit.
Therefore, the Showa Denki Group invited more than 1,500 users (group customers) to the All Japan Road Race Championship from 2017 to encourage the enjoyment of motor sports with the skin, and to excite the entire road race I have done it.

Project 71 Support Japan Bike Race
Project 71 Support Japan Bike Race

Activities Of Project 71:

Securing Cheering Seat:

Like a professional baseball game or a J league match, we set up a cheering seat on the Grand Stand at each circuit, and we encourage everyone to cheer for us by sending a cheering cheer to the whole class "71" rider.

Distribution Of Novelty:

We created a novelty poster and a project 71 sticker devised so that the face matches the name of the player who can be signed by the rider and distributed it to the invited user and at the pit walk the project 71 approval rider's signature is GET do that for me.

AC At Pit Walk:

Join the 71 T shirt distributed to the Pit Walk and participate and deepen the friendship with the project 71 approval rider.

Social Gatherings & Exchange Meetings:

We hosted social gatherings and exchange sessions with invited users of the Showa Denki Group and participating in the project 71 race participation at the restaurant and VIP room in the circuit hall.
We will talk about the contents of what we can only listen to active riders, such as about the appeal of motorcycle racing.

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