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PUBG Mobile Will Be # 1 App – 2018

PUBG Mobile Will Be # 1 App – 2018

PUBG Corporation announced that shortly after the release of the mobile variant of Player Unknown the battlefields globally for the iOS and Android smart devices, the game was in the # 1 the most downloaded app in 2018 at different countries and regions.

PUBG Mobile Will Be # 1 App – 2018
PUBG Mobile Will Be # 1 App – 2018

The mobile version of Player Unknown released the battlefields in the iTunes App Store and Google Play on March 19th, and within just a week it seems to do the same kind of numbers, the bigger PC and console version of the game has done.

Tencent took command of the game's mobile release, both in local and foreign regions. Tencent's move was fueled mainly by the fact that they wanted to bank in China.

Previously, PUBG Corporation, a South Korean company, could not launch Player Unknown of the battlefields in China because the Ministry of Culture claimed the game was not "Socialist" enough . After collaborating with China's largest conglomerate, Tencent, PUBG was able to release Player Unknown of the battlefields in mainland China.

In America and Europe, PUBG deals with complaints from players who are angry that they are forced to play with the Chinese, as the majority of fraudsters come from China.
The scam scandal convinced American and European players work together to get China regionally closed, but to no avail.

Tencent has collaborated with local law enforcement agencies to arrest Chinese fraudsters, hoping to woo more Chinese casual gamers into battlefield PC and mobile versions of Player Unknown. It seems that efforts are paying off now that the game has become number one in 2018.

Of course, American and European players still encourage PUBG China to lock even though the developers have introduced anti-cheat measures and are trying to ban many Chinese cheaters.

PUBG Mobile Download:

How can I access and download PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile was released worldwide on March 19, 2018 after a soft start in Canada.
PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 Patch Notes: - Added new Mk47 - Added laser sighting - Vikendi is now available when creating rooms - The "Classic" voice is back!

PUBG Mobile can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, Google Play or APK for Android.
The game contains many of the same features as in the Player Unknown Battlegrounds: Players are thrown onto a wide-open map and need to search for weapons, ammunition, armor, and tools such as medkits or weapon accessories to outdo each other.

PUBG Mobile differs from the original in that certain functions such as modding support or playback functions are not used.

You Can Download PUBG Mobile From Below Link:

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