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Quick Tips To Improve Your Golf Game

Quick Tips To Improve Your Golf Game

Quick Tips To Improve Your Golf Game
Quick Tips To Improve Your Golf Game

Golf Game Rules:

1. Water barriers:

Check the local rules on your scorecard to see whether the sea, lake, river, etc. water barrier or side water barrier.
Ball in a water obstacle - play from the position in which it is located, or with a penalty of 1 hit. A) throw at any distance behind the water disturbance, strictly along the line between the hole, the place where the ball crossed the boundary of the water disturbance and the place of the throw-in, or (b) play again from the place where the ball was blocked into the barrier.
A ball in a side water obstacle - in addition to the above options for playing a ball from a water obstacle, it is allowed to throw a penalty of 1 hit within 2 lengths of clubs from a) the point where the ball nips the barrier, or b) points on the opposite side of the obstacle, equidistant from the hole.

2. Ball Game:

Play the ball from the position in which it appeared. Do not improve your position, conditions for the intended swing or the line of the game, without moving the ball and not bending down or cracking any of the fixed objects or plants, except as a result of directly taking the game stand or during the swing process. Do not press anything or artificially improve the conditions for making a gaming rack.
If the ball is in a bunker or in a water obstacle, do not touch the surface of the bunker or the surface of the ground or water in the water barrier to move directly to hit the ball.
The ball should be dealt a full blow, but not a push or throw.
Playing someone else's ball (except for the position in the hindrance) in a match game means losing a hole, and in a game against punches (“build-play”) is punishable by a two-hit penalty, after which you should play the correct ball.

3. Obstacles:

Specify locally fixed obstacles (for example, covered roads or paths, etc.) by local rules.
Movable obstacles (for example, rakes, cans, etc.) can be shifted in any part of the golf course. If the ball has changed position, it must be restored without penalty.
If a fixed obstacle (such as a fountain with water) interferes with your playing stance or swing, the ball can be thrown without penalty within the length of 1 club from the nearest point free from the influence of the obstacle, but not closer to the hole. The influence of the obstacle on the line of your strike is not a basis for alleviating the situation, unless both the ball and the obstacle are on the putting green.

4. Blow With Tee:

Place the ball on the tees between the tee markers, not in front of them. It is allowed to place the ball on the "ti" behind the "ti" markers. Within the length of 2 clubs from the front line. A hit with a tee outside this zone in a match game does not entail a penalty, however, your opponent may ask to repeat the strike; In the game on the account you are subject to a penalty of 2 hits, after which you must continue the game from the correct zone.

Quick Tips To Improve Your Golf Game
Quick Tips To Improve Your Golf Game

Golf Game Etiquette:

Wait Your Turn:

If all golfers hit the ball at the same time, there will be massive confusion, so you need to know when to hit.
There is a tradition in which the player who showed the best score in the previous hole is given the honor to be the first to start the game with tee (and so on).
The rules state that the player whose ball is farthest from the hole plays next. However, within your group there may be an agreement about playing "ready golf," that is, anyone who is ready for a shot can hit the ball.
When all the balls were on the putting green, you need to remember about the flag. If your ball is closest to the hole, you have to pull the flag out of the glass, or if not all players confirm that they can clearly see the hole, you can start “serving the flag”, i.e. be ready to pull it out of the glass as the ball rolls toward the hole.
After completing the game on the hole, the player who first scored the ball in the hole usually inserts the flag back into the glass.

Keep Up:

The easiest way to win over your group partners has nothing to do with how skillfully you play, but rather with how fast.
This does not mean at all that you must hurry to hit and run to the balls. This means that you have to do one or two training swings and always be ready to play when it's your turn.
At the same time, you will have enough time to chat between the blows, but always keep quiet when someone is preparing to make a blow.
In addition, on the green during a friendly round, very short putts (half a meter or less) are usually declared “given” or given away. That is, if you are told “this is good,” the partner means that you will score your putt and can lift the ball.
A good guideline to maintain the pace of the game can be to maintain a distance of half a hole between your group and the group in front of you.

Quick Tips To Improve Your Golf Game
Quick Tips To Improve Your Golf Game

Golf Game Secret Skills:

How To Play In The Wind:

In windy weather, consider the strength of the wind and its direction. With a direct hit, the ball can be blown away by the force of the wind, so it’s worth making allowances for it. For example, if the wind blows from right to left, you need to aim more to the right so that the ball spun to the left.
The main task of a golfer when playing in such weather is to drive the ball as low as possible to the ground. When hitting the ball flies with reverse rotation, and the higher it starts to rise, the stronger the force of the wind acts on it.
Based on this, if you are going to send the ball 100 meters upwind, you should not use a pitch or wage. In this situation, it is better to choose the seven - you hit quieter, and the ball will fly lower, and you will have more control over it. And the last rule: when playing in the wind, try to keep the ball on the fairway all the time. Even if you need to do more strokes than usual, this will result in half the success of passing the hole in windy weather.

How To Play In The Rain:

A player who enters the field in rainy weather must wear a waterproof suit and waterproof golf boots made of genuine leather. In this case, it is desirable to have with you two or three gloves - in case one of them gets wet.
In general, one of the most important rules when playing in the rain is to keep your hands and flu clubs dry. You can even put on the palm of a special talc, which will absorb water. You should also take care of the inventory and take with you a plastic bag for clubs. And, of course, do not forget to grab a large umbrella and two towels on the field - one can be left in the bag just in case, the other should always be with you - wipe your hands.
As for the game itself, here it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the state of the field in rainy weather. For example, if you usually get used to doing a pitch 15-20 meters before the hole, then in the rain it is better to abandon this element: the fairway is soaked from water, a too soft surface forms, and the blow will not work. In this situation, I recommend to make a chip that more often forgives players' mistakes.
And most importantly - try not to get wet, otherwise all your thoughts will not be about how to play, but how to get to the finish line as soon as possible.

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