The Basics of Off-road Racing That All Bikers Should Know

Off-road riding is way better than riding on the main
streets as it doesn’t have any speed limit, cops chasing you, pavement, and
other roadblocks on the path. However, the amateur riders should keep in mind
that it’s better not to hit the dirt bike trails without knowing the basics of
Off-road racing. This article covers all the necessary off-road racing basics
that the newbie riders should know.

The Basics of Off-road Racing That All Bikers Should Know
The Basics of Off-Road Racing That All Bikers Should Know

Basics of Off-road Racing All Riders
Must Know:

1. Customize the Bike’s Cockpit:

Be it dirt bikes or any other product; manufacturers don’t
create it precisely according to an individual user’s requirement. It is
designed based on the target customers’ requirement, in general. For example,
the type or quality of the clutch lever that comes installed in bikes may not
necessarily serve your special requirements, but will perfectly carry out its
general function. If you feel that the stock grips, stock bars, and stock
levers are not creating the desired magic, then you can consider experimenting
with them. Customize the cockpit according to your specific needs and see the

2. Adjust The Suspension:

The bike’s suspension is set from the perspective of an
average rider, who has an average weight and riding capability. Hence it is a
no brainer that you will be required to tweak the pre-set suspension to your
comfort levels for a better riding experience.
Before hitting the off-road racing trails, adjust the front
and rear springs according to your weight for a comfortable ride.

3. Be Open to Changes Before Every Ride:

Customizing your dirt bike, making adjustments to the clutch lever, and adjusting the suspension does not guarantee that everything will
work perfectly off-road while you are riding on the trail.  The terrain keeps changing constantly, and
you have to ensure that the bike would be able to cross all the hurdles with
ease. Tweaking some controls before every ride, depending on the trail and the
hurdles on the path are the best way of riding a dirt bike. Be as adaptive to
changes as you can and the results will surely please you.

4. Stand Up When the Going Gets

Ever noticed top-notch riders standing up with the help of
foot mounts at some points on the trail? If you motocross and super-cross races,
you must have seen Toby Price or Graham Jarvis doing some astounding stunts
during off-road racing while standing up. They do it because standing shifts
the center of gravity to a point directly between the wheels from the saddle
down. It is exactly what is needed for gaining maximum maneuverability and control
over the bike. Once you get total control of the bike’s maneuverability, you
can rest assured of doing some amazing stunts on the trail.

5. Use Your Knees for Better Grip:

When racing on the off-road trails, you should grip the bike
with your legs as well as with your hands. The thighs and calf muscles play an
important role in gripping the bike. Contrary to the common belief, riders
should keep their hands comparatively relaxed so that during the transition of
the clutch levers the riders don’t feel panicky. Apart from saving the rider
from panicking, keeping the hands a little loose to reduces the possibility of
getting an arm pump.

6. Maintain a Good Posture:

Many riders often overlook this vital aspect without even
understanding its significance is Off-road racing. Maintaining the right
posture can save you from brutal accidents on racing trails. While much of the
focus stays on the lower body, the torso often gets overlooked. As a rider, you
should always try to keep a bent arm during racing as it will help you to move
with the bike freely. You should maintain a forward position, such that the
head stays parallel over the clamps of the bars. If the trail seems smooth with
no possible roadblock turning up, you can straighten your body a bit to avoid

7. Keep it Simple and Smooth:

Racing doesn’t necessarily call for an aggressive stance.
Most of the well-known pro riders make it to the top of the list because they
maintain a smooth and consistent riding style. When you are on an off-road trail,
you should maintain the momentum and focus on progressing forward whenever

If you were planning to use the throttle like a toggle
switch, slamming the brakes, thrashing the valves to look like a pro rider,
then you won’t be able to continue for long. This kind of a riding style can
make you feel excited for a while, but you won’t be able to win the race. If
you seriously want to become a good racer then try to keep the riding style as
simple as possible and use the techniques wherever necessary.

In Conclusion:

The basic tips shared above for off-road racing are out of
the blue and very common. Yet many fail to follow them. Riding a dirt bike in
the right way will only make the experience for beautiful.   
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