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Things To Know Before Going To The Sahara Desert Tour

Things To Know Before Going To The Sahara Desert Tour
Things To Know Before Going To The Sahara Desert Tour

The Sahara is a desert located in the African continent in Morocco, or Marrakech. The name ‘Sahara’ means ‘desert’ in Arabic. It is the third largest desert in the world, covering about 3.6 million square miles. It is a popular tourist destination and people from all over the world visit it for its famous super soft sand, majestic sand dunes, exciting camel rides, and camp nights in Merzougha. It is a great place for people to visit if they are looking for adventure, romance, rich cultures, and impressive nature. There is little grassland in the desert and is mostly limited to the highlands and northern and southern part of the desert. Merzouga is 341 miles or a ten hour drive from Marrakech. Here are some things you should know before hopping onto a camel’s back to take the Sahara desert Morocco tour.

You Should Spare A Full Three Days For The Tour:

The 341 mile drive from Merzougha to Merrakech is not very enjoyable, as you go through winding roads and dizzying pathways. Hence, you need to make multiple stops along the way. if you only have a day to spare, do not expect to see much. Most of your time will be spent on the road and the most you can get from this is a camel ride.

If you take out two days for the tour, you might see the Zagora desert and get a camel ride. It is recommended to spend three days on the tour to enjoy all that the Sahara has to offer.

Book Your Tour In Advance:

Waiting to get there before you book your tour may get you a better price as you can haggle in person, but booking your tour online will give you the opportunity to read the reviews left on the site and decide which tour to book. Online companies have a reputation to uphold and so will probably offer a better quality than some cheap tour you can get after a lot of in-person negotiation.

Be Cautious:

Sad as it may be, there have been multiple reports of sexual harassment tourists have had to go through while in Marrakech. Be exceptionally vigilant if you are a female tourist traveling alone. This is another reason you may not want to book a tour with men selling them in the streets – online booking is the way to go here! Try to stick closer to other female travelers in your group and you may find yourself in the smack middle of a lifelong friendship. If you do face an unfortunate instance, make sure to report it to the authorities.

Riding A Camel Will Probably Get You Sore:

Although there will be a very limited time you’ll be riding a camel, by the end of the ride you’ll be glad to get off. Riding a camel in a desert is not very easy, and if you’ve romanticized it from watching movies, you are in for a rude awakening.

Things To Know Before Going To The Sahara Desert Tour
Things To Know Before Going To The Sahara Desert Tour

Choose The Right Season:

People think that, since it is a desert, Sahara will be hot all year round. This is not the case. By nightfall, the temperature gets pretty low. If you book your tour in the winter, make sure to carry warm clothes or you will be freezing. The best time to visit the dreamy Mediterranean sea of sand would be during spring.

Carry Some Cash For Emergencies:

You may get lucky and find a cheap Morocco tour, but that is not where your expenses end. You will find a lot of souvenirs you will want to get, and you should be carrying extra cash to fully enjoy the Moroccan food. Your guides will help and recommend where you should be spending your money.

Be Considerate To Others In Your Travel Group:

This goes without saying but be nice to the tourists traveling with you and they will be nice to you in return – as the saying goes, ‘what goes around comes around’. Be friendly, considerate, welcoming, and accepting to your fellow tourists and you are bound to have a good time. Stick together at all times and consider this as an opportunity to make friends.

Activities To Not Miss Out On:

On your tour to the Sahara desert, here are some activities you should make sure to not miss out on

1. Ride a Camel.
2. Ride a Quad Bike in the Desert.
3. Desert Spa Day.
4. Stargazing under the Night Sky.
5. Sand Surfing.
6. Watch the Sunset and the Sunrise.
7. Spot Wildlife.
8. Make a Camp Fire.

A lot of tours include some or all of the above activities, so keep yourself updated on what is included in your Sahara desert Morocco tour.

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