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Types Of Cricket Matches

Types of Cricket Matches

There are Three (3) cricket formats today:
Twenty20 - Quick Match: The game lasts an average of three and a half hours.
One-Day International Match (ODI): The game lasts more than 8 hours;
Test Match: 5 game days with a minimum of 90 overs every day for each team twice (to win the game of a test match, the team must knock out the opponent twice).
Types of Cricket Matches
Types of Cricket Matches

Looking For The Perfect Time Limit:

At the first level, meetings can last 3, 4 or 5 days, in this format test matches are held between the national teams and national championships. This is the slowest form of cricket, where matches are often conducted in a difficult tactical fight.
The fastest and most spectacular time limit is T20, where the matches are not delayed for long. The G-20 is gradually gaining more and more popularity in the world, here only two innings are held to complete the match (one for each team’s attack), and the average meeting time is three and a half hours.
One-day International matches (One Day International, or simply ODI) is a happy medium. In these meetings, teams try to identify the winner within one day, and the game as a whole is limited to 40 or 50 overs.

Types Of Cricket Innings:

On The Outcome: In the first-level cricket there is a draw, so the odds on the outcome in test matches are three-way. A draw result is not as often as in football, but still its probability is relatively high and comparable to hockey. In the one-day format and the "twenty" bookmakers offer two-way outcomes without the possibility of a draw.
Double Chance: The same as in the bets on the outcome, only in double chance you can sum up two outcomes at a lower rate - for example, that there will not be a draw or that one of the teams will not lose at least.
On The Odds: Here you can make a prediction on the advantage with which the team will win or more than a handicap will not yield to the opponent. For example, in test matches between strong teams, zero odds are very popular.
Totals: Bet on the number of wounds per match or for a single piece - after 5, 10, 15 overs and so on. These can be both common totals and individual ones for each team.
Types of Cricket Matches
Types of Cricket Matches
Player Statistics: In the lines of the highest level cricket, as a rule, there are enough proposals for the personal achievements of the players. The indicators are very diverse: the number of wounds or 6-point strikes, various titles at the end of the match - the best batsman or the best player of the meeting.
Match Statistics: Cricket is rich in various statistics and minor events. It will not be difficult to find quotes on the number of run-outs or the best result of the first partnership in the lines for big matches. Also, many offices offer to put on how the first gate will be destroyed.
At First Innings: Quite a popular betting market in protracted test matches, because you don’t have to wait several days to find out the result of the first innings. In the line on the first innings you can usually find all the types of bets indicated above.
On The Draw: The most primitive forecast that can be made from bookmakers in all major matches. The chances of guessing the attacking first team are 50 to 50, and you will still lose money on the bookmaker margin when you play the game.
Types of Cricket Matches
Types of Cricket Matches

Attention To Conditions As The Key To Success:

Important About Betting Strategy:

The best forecasters on cricket have a real sense for valuable factors, mainly due to the formation of their unique betting strategy. There are several approaches to match analysis, regardless of the format of the match. We distinguish 4 main factors for the formation of the rate.
The Results Of The Draw: In cricket, the attack line is determined by simply tossing a coin. This procedure actually has a great influence on the outcome of the meeting.
Weather Conditions: It is difficult to call a sport more dependent on external conditions than cricket. The weather can have a big impact on a test match, especially on its duration (they do not play cricket in the rain), so the player must be familiar with the weather forecast before the bet.
Types of Cricket Matches
Types of Cricket Matches

Field Factor: In different areas and in different stadiums, the pitch coverage, where the main action takes place, can be different - from the earthen surface to a very short and longer lawn, and the coverage can vary in one stadium from season to season, depending on care.
Longer Match - Richer Live: First-level cricket matches last several days, making bets during the meetings especially valuable. This is one of the few sports where a large stratum of professionals prefers to put it in live.

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