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7 Steps For Choosing The Best Marketing Agency For Lawyers

7 Steps For Choosing The Best Marketing Agency For Lawyers
7 Steps For Choosing The Best Marketing Agency For Lawyers
Marketing has become essential for all kinds of businesses and professionals to survive in today’s intensely competitive environment. Attorney firm’s owners must engage a specialist marketing agency for lawyers to improve their business prospects in the virtual, as well as, the real world. Making the correct selection will help the firm reach out to a large number of prospective clients. An expert law firm marketing consultant will know about the best tactics to apply and improve the effectiveness of the online promotional campaigns. Many legal professionals make the mistake of hiring any digital marketing company for their agency and lose out on an excellent opportunity to beat the competition. They must use the following step-by-step procedure to select the most suitable marketers for their firm.

1. Identify Clear Marketing Objectives:

The first step is to make an internal assessment and identify the objectives you hope to achieve by hiring a marketing advisor. Try to set quantifiable goals like the number of leads you want to target during a specified time period. Legal firm owners must also evaluate the increase in revenue they desire over a fixed time frame. Make sure that the objectives you define are realistic and attainable. This will help you in identifying the kind of questions you will need to ask potential candidates.

2. Shortlist Agencies With Experience Of Working With Lawyers:

Once you have listed out your goals, the next step is to find some suitable marketing agencies. It will always be sensible to choose companies which have prior experience of working with attorneys. Such agencies will be familiar with the challenges associated with the task and will know what strategies will be most effective. They will be aware of the best practices for designing a law firm website and the white hat SEO tactics that will help improve the online visibility of the attorney interface.

3. Check The Kind Of Services Provided By The Marketers:

Digital marketing is a varied field with many facets. It is not only limited to search engine optimization. It will be pertinent to check the kind of services the shortlisted agencies provide. Find out whether they can conduct social media marketing or run display ad campaigns efficiently or not. Professional law firm internet marketing advisors must be able to handle organic aspects like SEO as well as paid promotional campaigns equally well.

4. Research The Agencies’ Work And Reporting Procedures:

In order to choose the best marketing agency for lawyers, it is essential to know the kind of work and reporting procedures used by different firms. This will help in knowing how the marketers will discharge the day to day functions related to the project. Conduct inquiries about how project details are communicated by the company. Ask whether a dedicated manager is appointed for law firm marketing projects or not. It will also be pertinent to know how the agency can be contacted during an emergency.

5. Invite Agencies For Discussions:

Firm owners, by now, will have a significant idea about all the shortlisted companies’ skills and expertise. They must now invite all of them, one by one for discussions. Reputed agencies will come fully prepared and will have ready answers to most of the questions. Some of them will also come armed with presentations showing how they run promotional campaigns for legal businesses. This is the time when attorneys must ask for testimonials and other proofs of work. This will be helpful in identifying a couple of suitable agencies from all the candidates.

6. Compare The Fee Structure:

Another important point to consider is which agency can be hired within the limitations of the law firm’s marketing budget. Compare the fee structure of the companies and find out what kinds of payment plans they offer. Check what kind of expenses are involved if you require to scale up the services at short notice. Choose a firm which quotes a reasonable price and has a good reputation.

7. Make A Limited Period Commitment:

Sign an agreement with the marketing firm and ensure that all necessary clauses are included in it. Initially, it will not be sensible to hire the professionals for a long period. Instead, make a limited period commitment and engage the marketers for a few months. Once you are satisfied with their service, you can always extend the contract.


The entire digital promotional strategy for attorneys rest on their choice of the marketing agency for lawyers. The steps mentioned in this article will help legal professionals select a company which is ideal for fulfilling their needs.

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