15 Best Foods For Healthy Bones And Joints

15 Best Foods For Healthy Bones And Joints
15 Best Foods For Healthy Bones And Joints

Building strong healthy bones and joints is easy to go only
if you are on the right food track. The two key nutrients are Calcium and
Vitamin D. Calcium is required for the bones to stay strong while Vitamin D for
calcium absorption and bone growth. We construct healthy bones during our
child-hood and adolescence period. Around 30 years we reach the maximum bone
mass and tend to lose as we age. The more the bone mass we have; the less
likely to develop Osteoporosis. If you have already diagnosed with osteoporosis
and are under calcium and vitamin D supplements, then buy medicines online with
your prescription.

A healthy lifestyle along with good intake of calcium,
vitamin and minerals will give support and strength to stand on your own
feet.  To maintain them in the best
shape, regular exercises, and nutrient-rich foods are the way forward.   Kick start your daily recommended dosage
with bone- boosting superfoods and protect them from any tear out.

Daily Dosage:


0–6 months*
200 mg
200 mg
7–12 months*
1–3 years
700 mg
700 mg
4–8 years
9–13 years
1,300 mg
1,300 mg
14–18 years
19–50 years
1,000 mg
1,000 mg
1,000 mg
1,000 mg
51–70 years
71+ years
1,200 mg
1,200 mg
* Adequate
Intake (AI)

Vitamin D:

Life Stage
To 12 Months
400 IU
1-13 Years
600 IU
14-18 Years
600 IU
19-70 Years
600 IU
71 Years And Older
800 IU
And Breastfeeding Women
600 IU
Here are the 15 best foods to boost bones and joints
healthy. Incorporate them in your daily diet and attain its maximum benefits!

Sardines: Even
though the fish is very smelly it is packed with high amounts of Calcium, Omega
3 fatty acids and Vitamin D. The tiny edible bones are a good source of
Eggs: The whole
eggs provide a good amount of calcium and often referred to as nature’s
multi-vitamin. It also contains brain nutrients and antioxidants such as
zeaxanthin and lutein.
Seeds: They are
the powerhouse of the nutrients. Seeds such as poppy seeds, chia seeds, and
sesame seeds are a rich source of calcium. One tablespoon (9 g) of poppy seeds
and sesame seeds contain 126 mg of calcium.
Yoghurt:  Rich source of calcium and live probiotic
bacteria providing numerous health benefits. One cup (245g) of plain yoghurt
contains 30% RDI of calcium (Recommended Dietary Intake). It also supplies
other nutrients such as vitamin B2, B12, potassium and phosphorous.
Milk: A
best-known source of calcium. 8 ounce of fat-free milk provides 30% RDI. Try
Vitamin D enriched milk for better absorption.
Cheese: Though
cheese is a good source of calcium, there are numerous varieties available in
the market. Parmesan cheese is packed with more calcium (33% of RDI) and leads
top in the list.
Almonds: Among
the nuts variety, one ounce of almonds delivers 8% RDI.
Tofu: One of the
best-known sources of calcium. 126 g of tofu provides 86% of the RDI for
Figs: Among the
list of dried fruits figs tops the most with more calcium. It is also a good
source of fibres, potassium and Vitamin K.
Whey Protein: It
is the best known source for calcium. 28gm of whey protein provides 20% of the
RDI for calcium. Whey protein also aids in weight loss.
Kale: One of the
best sources of calcium in the planet. 100g of kale offers 254 mg of calcium
and hence it falls under the superfood category.
Fortified Foods: The
best way to obtain calcium from foods is through fortified foods. Numerous
fortified foods are spread in the market in the form of bread, cereals, juices,
soy milk, etc. Choose the best after reading the labels.
Okra: It is
another rich source of calcium. It supports bone health.
Whole Cereals: Ragi/finger
millet the ancient grains, is the richest sources of calcium. According to NIN
India, 100 g of ragi provides 344mg of calcium.
Black-Eyed Peas: These
beans are loaded with calcium, folate, and potassium. Half cup of canned beans contains
185mg of calcium.
Calcium and Vitamin D are important for bones and joints.
Sunlight provides Vitamin D. Hit your recommended dose through the foods listed
above. Still, if you are unable to meet the required amount, talk to your
health care provider. He can provide you with the supplements to ward off the
diseases. You can order supplements from the best pharma online for quick delivery.


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