The Best Known Sectors For Jobs In Lebanon

A country in Western Asia, Lebanon or officially known as
the Lebanese Republic, is the smallest recognized sovereign in Asia. A
developing economy, it is more of a service-oriented economy, on the tradition
of laissez-faire model. The major sectors contributing to the growth of the
economy include banking, tourism, transport, agriculture, manufacturing of
chemicals, and metal products. All these sectors offer a good number of jobs in Lebanon. The urban population in Lebanon is involved in commercial enterprise
and small businesses. In fact, the service sector employs around 65% of the
Lebanese working population.
Major Sectors Offering Jobs In Lebanon
Major Sectors Offering Jobs In Lebanon

The Major Sectors Offering Jobs In Lebanon:

We present below the best known sectors for jobs in Lebanon:


Lebanon has one of the most developed, well regulated, and
modern banking systems in West Asia.  The
Lebanese Central Bank is the main bank regulating all financial transactions,
exchanges and finance institutions. During the period between 1993 and 2018,
the Lebanese banks have earned net profits of USD 22.1 billion. Qualified
candidates with finance and banking background have a great scope of growth in
banking jobs in Lebabon. There are at present 65 banks in Lebanon with 1,079
branches all across the country, recruiting more than 25000 employees in the
banking sector as of today.


There was a start-up boom in Lebanon since 2016. Prior to
that, small businesses were taken up by young and old Lebanese. Lebanese youth
are highly educated. There are a large number of young people graduating with
higher degrees like as Masters or a PhD. Many youth who are unemployed start
their own business in Lebanon. In fact, Lebanon is one of the leading countries
in West Asia in innovative business startups.

Hotel Industry:

The hotel industry is a major avenue of employment in
Lebanon. The country has seen a growth in the number of local hotels and
restaurants. In fact, there has also been a growth of Lebanese restaurants in
the West in which Lebanese cuisine is served to a new market. This has opened
up a great number of jobs in Lebanon as well as in other regions in the hotel
industry. Moreover, more and more European tourists are visiting Lebanon over
the last few years.

Food Industry:

The food industry in Lebanon has been one of the first
sectors for exporting to other regions in the West. The food industry in
Lebanon has seen a clear competitive advantage, by investing on the growing
craze in Mediterranean food in the West. Various public sector and private
companies, small and medium enterprises (SME’s) are manufacturing local food
products, meeting the export requirements. So, locally manufactured Lebanese
food products are export products, carving a niche in the international market.
This industry has grown by 20 percent per annum in recent time. Even the local
people are known to be great consumers of local food products. Food per capita
consumption stood at $1,000 in 2017 to $1,059 in 2018 and will reach $1,352 by
2022. Thus, this industry opens up a good number of jobs in Lebanon.

Tourism Industry:

The tourism industry in Lebanon has always been an important
contributor to the economy and continues even today to be a major source of
revenue. Its contribution to the GDP is the second highest in the Middle East.
This sector is one of the largest employers in Lebanon. As a matter of fact, of
the total employment generation of 17-18% every year, the tourism sector itself
generates 6-7% jobs in Lebanon.


It might sound strange but as a matter of fact, most young
people take up photography as a profession. At present, there are more than
86,000,000 photography pages populating FaceBook and Instagram, which actually
is a very big number. Such is the popularity of photography jobs in Lebanon.

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