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Corfu Holidays - Discover Extremely Gorgeous And Diverse Greek Island

Corfu Holidays - Discover Extremely Gorgeous And Diverse Greek Island
Corfu Holidays - Discover Extremely Gorgeous And Diverse Greek Island
Corfu Island in Greece is unique and diverse in many ways. Its exceptional coastal aesthetics, country side, gorgeous architecture and food scene, immerses you in the world's fascinating culture. Apart from beaches and sightseeing, the island offers a range of activities on the mainland and coastline as well. Here, you will find the impact of English, Venetians and French who ruled the island for centuries. Corfu Holidays takes you to the past and at the meantime throws you into the present with culinary delights. Avail great discounts on Low Cost Holidays and best accommodation to enjoy a holiday.

Most Striking Hillside And Beaches

Corfu Island is colorful and more verdant with gorgeous hills, pine forests and scenic coastline. The gorgeous beaches are literally a dream of sun seekers, who love dancing to the waves of the gorgeous sea. Some of the beaches encourage extreme adventurous activities and few of them go wild with serene beauty. The most striking and unspoilt beaches worth exploring comprise Ermones, Palaiokastritsa, Myrtiotissa and Agios Georgios Pagon. For some exceptional surfing experience discover Halikounas in the North Western part of the island of Corfu Holidays. Find some unusual sandstone formations at Canal d'Amour beach and to enjoy some spectacular beauty of nature Korission Lagoon is the impeccable place to visit.

Scenic Countryside Villages

Witness the new way of life on a vacation, on your Low Cost Holidays to Corfu, ensure that you cover the North Eastern coast of Spain. A spectacular region with countryside villages and natural landscapes, explore Kalami, Kaminski and Agios Stefanos on Corfu Holidays. Further, move ahead to the Western part to enjoy phenomenal views of the gorgeous Sea and fertile valleys. The traditional villages are great places to taste the most authentic Coffee.

Corfu Island - For An Adventurous Trip

Corfu Island - For An Adventurous Trip
Corfu Island - For An Adventurous Trip
The scenic coastline of Corfu has a magnetic impact on visitors. There are some spectacular coves along the coastline which make spectacular diving spots. Tranquil coves are great places to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature. There are numerous diving centers to train first-timers, paragliding and diving are popular holiday activities. A Motorboat ride would take you to scenic landscapes of the gorgeous island.

Old Town

The moment you step into the gorgeous town of Corfu, it gives you an impression of another era. The mansions and old buildings give you a glimpse of Venetian and British rule on the island. The entire ambience gives you otherworldly experience. There are some elegant buildings, fantastic stores and restaurants to taste the authentic local food. If you want to make the most out of Corfu Holidays, explore UNESCO recognized the old town of Corfu on a vacation.

Greek Food

If you are after some authentic Greek cuisine, then Corfu is the exceptional spot to taste the food. There are plenty of dishes prepared with fish, meat, vegetables produced on fertile soil and international varieties. The goat cheese is one of the best dishes worth trying on Holidays to Corfu. There are plenty of local restaurants to serve you authentic local food.

If you want to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Corfu Island, visit anytime warm climate embraces you all throughout the year. For best savings on flights and hotels with Book It Now dial 0203 883 2847.

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