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Check Details On The First Yogi On Earth

Check Details On The First Yogi On Earth
Check Details On The First Yogi On Earth
Yoga is ruling everyone’s life today not because it is offers us a peaceful time where we can think about ourselves only, but it is the best way to avoid all physical and mental issues. Undoubtedly, yoga has uplifted the lives of many and many people love to get in touch with the same every morning or whenever they got time, hence this is something the best of all which should definitely be tried out.

You might know everything about YOGA, but do you actually know about the first yogi on earth? If you don’t know about the same, it is very important to know complete details to know yoga and its origin with the proximity. So, when we talk about who was the first yogi on earth, there is only name comes up is- Lord Shiva. Well, yoga is all about Lord Shiva and it is originated from Shiva, who was also known as the Adi Yogi. When we go back to the dates, Shiva is not known as a God, but he was considered as the first Guru or the Adi Guru on the earth. He has different ways to do yoga via which he became a yogi with great joy and danced all over the mountains or sat absolutely still for a longer period of time.

Shiva is the only one who provided the idea of yoga and over fifteen thousand years ago, Shiva attained to his full enlightenment, where he was fully dedicated to yoga and abandoned himself in a joyful dance upon the Himalayas. Currently, yoga is said to be the world's fastest growing wellness regimen because it provides great joy and peace to the people. There are several stories in mythology might have been created in order to convey deep mystic teachings to the people in the form of a story as well as to support people to develop devotion for a personified form of the ultimate truth and, to entertain people. There is a puranic story always has multiple contradictory versions of the Vedic era, each of them created by people to glorify their own favorite personal God. Moreover, the Sadhguru has various times indicated that this Adiyogi is the same as Dakshinamoorthy, but there is a different story of the Adiyogi who sent 8 rishis to different parts of the world are two entirely different stories.

The First Yogi On Earth
The First Yogi On Earth
Only Shiva has brought the yoga on earth and there is a way to use your mind in the highest possible way but still, never know the miseries of the mind.

Also, it has been talked a lot that there have been 7 men who pushed themselves learning yoga and with the extensive hard work, finally they celebrated sages who are today known as the Saptarishis, and are worshipped and admired in Indian culture. Undoubtedly, Shiva put different aspects of yoga into each of these 7 people, and these aspects became the 7 basic forms of yoga. Not only this, today yoga is being maintained by these seven distinct forms and this is how the whole world is getting enlightened. Apart from this, talking about the father of Yoga- Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya who is lived 100 years and renowned as the Indian yoga teacher along with the ayurvedic healer and scholar.

He has continued both his scholastic and yoga education into his early adulthood and later started teaching yoga at the Mysore Palace. As well as, he continued teaching yoga until he died in 1989. Aside from this, various yoga gurus were there who practiced the same all the time and enlighten the world by their teachings. B.K.S. Iyengar, V Nanammal, Krishna Pattabhi Jois are the name of the few. So if you want to expel all negativity from your life with Yoga, Join 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh and fill your soul and thoughts with positive power.

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