5 Reasons Why You Should Sail In Croatia

5 Reasons Why You Should Sail In Croatia
5 Reasons Why You Should Sail In Croatia

Croatia is well-known for its picturesque islands as well as
for its Roman/Venetian themed architecture that is more than a thousand years
old. The Dalmatian country also one of the best sailing destinations worldwide
and it is frequently said that if you have not conquered the Adriatic waters,
then you have not sailed right. Here are five reasons why you should sail in
Croatia and conquer the Adriatic shores.

5 Reasons To Sail In Croatia

1. Excellent Adriatic Climate:

Annually, Croatia gets about 2600 hours of sunlight making
it the sunniest country in the continent with the summertime temperature
averaging around 25 degrees. The winds are also quite favorable for sailing in
the summertime as well as showers that are few, light and often far in between
making it an ideal sailing destination especially from April to October.
The Croatian waters are perhaps even more well-known for
bura, jugo and maestral winds making sailing
in Croatia
a fun-filled yet challenging venture.
Winter in European countries are usually merciless for sea
adventure enthusiasts but Croatia fairs much better than its other European
counterparts thanks to its convenient temperatures beneficial for
all-year-round sailing.

2. Explore Thousands Of Islands:

Inundated caves, warm sandy seashores, secluded away bays
and underwater riches are some of the symbols of an ideal sailing vacation
destination and Croatia boasts of thousands of islands abundant with limitless
adventures that would need innumerable lifetimes to sample all of them.
From alluring chains like Pakleni to prominent land masses
like Brac as well as little-known yet captivating ones like Mljet, the country
has literally 1244 islands ready for you explore.

3. Authorized And Refined Marinas:

Croatia’s maritime reputation comes from its
well-established structure of marinas equipped with latest boating technology
and various social enhancements. The country’s thriving sailing industry
currently accounts for the world’s 40% charter fleet.
Apart from that, renting a superior vessel is extremely easy
and inexpensive. Furthermore, 60 marinas of the country are well-connected with
famous cities and popular destinations located nearby.

4. Endless Parties And Festivals:

In Croatian summer, it is hard to find a dull day with every
sundown you will witness some sort of musical bashes. The Balkan nation also boasts
of several booming nightclubs, which are hard to miss if you are party lover.
If your sailing guidebook includes dazzling night-outs,
music from world-famous DJs and some native beverage delicacies, you will be
astonished by the myriad of fun around the country’s coastal areas.
Exotic parties on cushy yachts are also extremely common in
the country while having a good time during this period.

5. Secure And Inexpensive:

Unlike other major European countries, the crime rate in
Croatia is the lowest and cases of burglary and muggings common in other
European sailing destinations are also non-existent.
Additionally, accommodation charges and day-to-day expenses
like foods, clothes, etc are also relatively cheaper compared to other major
European hotspots like Greece or Italy where prices really steep and the
security is also very poor.


UNESCO-listed heritage sites, warm sandy seashores, an
enthralling culture that is more than a thousand years old and some exceptional
cuisine are some of the reasons why you should look for Croatia as year next
sailing destination. The moment you step foot in of the islands, there won’t be
a single dull moment ever since.

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