How to Market your Product with a Small Budget in Hand?


Being able to sell the product is the critical aim of all
businesses. Zero sales will lead to no revenue and hence, loss. Having to make
profits requires customers, and marketing is where we target customers.

Marketing involves creativity as the nature of this
particular field is very dynamic. A marketer has to deal with several factors
at the same time. Decision making is a critical point here. Wrong decisions can
shut the company while the right one can take the company to great heights.
Furthermore, several MBA
Colleges in Delhi
have started to prepare new curricula for the field of
marketing. This change would improve the way we learn about marketing.
Here we’ll see to the key points to how we can market our
product with a low budget in hand:

1. Design A Great Pitch:

One should try to sell their product all the time, from
talking to friends and relatives. The spread of word-of-mouth is significant
for any business. That is why working on a pitch that suits all and promotes
interest to the prospects is particularly substantial. Grabbing the attention
in the room and delivering a short compliance speech is all it takes.

2. Create A Buzz:

Creating a buzz about the company/ product makes it easier
to leave a mark. Having left a mark, people will keep talking about it, and
that is how the word-of-mouth spreads.
Here are some ways to create a buzz:
  • A catchy tagline.
  • A catchy jingle.
  • Credibility through influencers.
  • Recognition in media.
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These are just some examples of the conventional means to
create a buzz. There can be indefinite creative ways in which one can do the

Create A Buzz
Create A Buzz

3. Start Social Media Campaigns:

Around 65% of the adults today use some or the other form of
social media regularly, according to reports from This stat
highlights the importance of the digital world when marketing is in thought.
Here, people from all over the world share information. We can say it is the
other face of the word-of-mouth
Social Media Campaigns
Social Media Campaigns

4. Offer Coupons:

Giving exclusive offers, and other discounts related
promotion plays a significant role in the initial stages.  Coupons, Gift Cards, Vouchers, and other such
instruments grab the attention of the prospect quickly. Eventually, they sign
up, enroll to your mailing list and subsequently buy your product.
It is known that such promotions lower profit levels. Here,
entrepreneurs should first focus on building a strong customer base. This
foundation helps in the long run and to sustain in the competitive market.

5. Great Content:

Having a website is a must for all new businesses today.
With the rapid changes in technology, one doesn’t open directories anymore.
Everything is at the tip of the thumb.
So why would anyone go to your website if the website
doesn’t have quality content? To sell, one has to retain users inside the site.
This retention is possible with quality content and interlinking. If someone
genuinely comes looking for content, you do not want him to go off your page.
That is why, to retain customers and to build a feeling of trust, one has to
optimize their website for the best results on and off the page.
Great Content
Great Content
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