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Iphone Usage And Repair Increasing Worldwide

Iphone Usage And Repair Increasing Worldwide
Iphone Usage And Repair Increasing Worldwide
As a brand, Apple has skyrocketed at the pinnacle of technological glory. It is safe to say that the number of users is increasing day by day, whether it is their iPhones or Macbooks or any of the other Apple devices. The total number of devices can increase by upto 1 billion that are all been simultaneously activated in the next couple of years.

The statistics are staggering at best, but it also tells us a lot more about the brand value and the power it possesses among the masses. Overall, there are a total of 700 million iPhones in use all around the world, as per the official estimates. More than 200 million of them are in second hand condition, which is equally unbelievable. 

These numbers are equally synonymous with the ones that come to the iPhone repair shops if truth be told. No device is devoid of any flaws and iPhones are about the same. There is varied amount of issues when it comes to screen and fingerprint sensor damage. Users also face issues with regards to the iPhone body, which they tend to damage on many occasions. Some of the repairs are only allowed in a certified Apple shop that contain the devices well-suited for such problems.

But this won’t be a problem anymore with the introduction of iFixed Repairs in this domain. iFixed gives the clients a novel way to curb your iPhone issues since they have the expert team to handle any and all issues when it comes to Apple. Some of the things that are taken into account in terms of servicing the iPhones are,

  1. Home Button Replacement – Some of the iPhone models have faced issues in terms of home button malfunction. iFixed helps you out in fixing this up.
  2. Headphone Jack Repair – Many of the earlier models like iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s, etc. and so on had headphone jacks which are now effective fixed.
  3. Vibration Issues – A recurring problem among many of the old and new iPhone models.
  4. Charging Port Replacement – Perhaps the most common problem that every iPhone user has faced. Owing to a separate slot for charging, it doesn’t exactly work well with other different models of chargers. This creates less problems but it also aggravates it as well if the slots are subjected to unnecessary harm.
  5. Battery Replacement – Apple has had an issue with having a stabilized model with a good battery backup. A lot of their models run into the ground and luckily enough iFixed is there to save the day with effective battery replacement guarantee.
  6. Camera Replacement – Very rarely the iPhones run into the front and back camera problems. Since, Apple cameras are rated highly amongst tech enthusiasts and users worldwide, it is essential that iFixed cater to the same which they do.

iFixed also provides solutions to so many other issues apart from the ones mentioned above. Plus, you can even browse into their website to look into the different iPhone models and then buy them. With services that are across the United Kingdom, iFixed definitely is an epitome of excellence and a worthy repair company for the iPhone users.

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