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10 Effective Brochure Design Ideas For Your Next School Project

10 Effective Brochure Design Ideas For Your Next School Project
10 Effective Brochure Design Ideas For Your Next School Project

A brochure is a great tool for sharing information in a small readable space. The main agenda of a brochure is to encourage action from the audience. That is why they are perfect for school projects.

Schools students of class 11th and 12th have a lot of creative projects, and one of that project might be designing a brochure. Creating a brochure can be a bit difficult, but with help of some tips, ideas and software, you can easily make a great brochure. An effective brochure can also generate curiosity amongst them.

You can either design a brochure on a computer or make a homemade brochure too. But in both cases, it needs to be attractive enough for the audience to pick it up.

So, let’s discuss some brochure design idea for your next school project.

The Design Should Be Simple, Creative And Precise

You want the audience to relate with the brochure and understand its content. For that, you need to use an idea that is simple and creative. Don’t use overly complex ideas as they confuse the other students.

Design A Cover To Grab Attention

For more effect design a cover for your brochure that is catchy and engaging. Place an image and a phrase on the cover that related to your project so that everyone is excited about learning what's inside.

Don’t use more than ten words in the phrase and place the phrase on the top of brochure.

Make Use Of Various Shapes

If you make your brochure design boring, no one will take a glance at it. So, use different shapes to create a fun and attractive brochure.

Different Page Designs

Another creative idea is to use different designs for different pages making them into a sequence. It will look good and allure more people.

Use Text To Compel People

On the brochures cover or otherwise, use phrases that complex people to pick the brochure and make them curious. One way to do that is to ask them a question or start a phrase on the first page and end it on the second.

The Size Of The Brochure Should Be Decent

The size of the brochure should be such that students can easily place them inside files, copies or nags or pockets. Also, you may want to hang the brochure on a billboard or something, so keep in mind that when you decide on the size. Don’t make the brochure too large that people are hesitant to pick it up or they fold it up which will destroy its look.

Deliver Your Message With Clarity And Give Full Details

Your brochure must provide relevant and complete details to the readers. Don’t miss out any point. But also be very clear and precise with your message. Don’t use unnecessary images or text. Use graphics and text that goes with the theme and content of the brochure.

Use Different Color

Try using more than one color for your brochure project. Use a different color for each page design that complements each other. Using three colors for a single brochure project are a great idea.

Choose The Right Font

A wrong font can really mess up your brochure design. So, take time to figure out which font type goes with your brochure color theme and content. Also, the size of the font should be such that the audience can easily read it.

Use a different font size for headings, titles or important data. For subheading, you can use a smaller font.

Using White Space Is A Good Idea

Using white space between images and text is a good idea. It helps make the brochure look de-cluttered and attracts the attention of people towards the key points.

There are many software’s available in the market that can help you design an effective brochure. Canva brochure maker is one such tool. It has powerful tools and unique templates that you can use in your school project.


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