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Types Of Commercial Refrigerators

Restaurants and other food businesses need refrigerators to store food and offer it shelf life. Commercial refrigerators are larger than fridges in our homes and have enough space for storage of food items. Food factories and industries also use commercial refrigeration units to store foods until they send them to distributors and retailers.

There are a variety of commercial refrigerators for all types of requirements. The types of refrigerators used by food businesses depend on their storage and temperature needs. This post shares some common types of commercial refrigerators used in the food industry.

Reach In Refrigerators

Reach In Refrigerators
Reach In Refrigerators
The reach-in refrigerators stand vertical and have multiple sections for storage of food. They are made to place along a wall in a kitchen or retail store. Reach-in refrigerators have separate columns for raw foods, fruits, vegetables, and beverages. They are most suitable for retail stores as they come with a transparent door option and storage trays at arm-length access.


Merchandiser units are similar to reach in refrigerators in terms of storage. They come with a glass door to make the food items visible without the need for opening the unit. Retail stores place the merchandisers in the front part of a store so that customers can see what is available for sale. Most stores allow their customers to take out the food items they want to buy. Merchandisers are best for displaying and selling food items in retail stores.

Undercounter Refrigerators

The under-counter refrigerators are made for the same purpose as the reach-in refrigerators. However, they are not meant for showcasing food products.  They are made to store foods in the kitchens and preparation areas of restaurants.

Also, known as mini reach-in refrigerators, they are smaller than other types to fit in low space like under the counters and kitchens. Undercounter refrigerators provide quick access to the food items in restaurants and retail stores.

Serve Over Counter Units

The serve over counter units are perfect for cafes, grocery stores, and meat outlets. They are designed to display the food items in a more appealing way than the standard display units. These are similar to countertop display units with the only difference that they come with a glass top to make the items visible. Customers can get the food items they want without the need for servers.

Worktops Or Prep Tables

A kitchen or preparation area needs frequent access to food items and ingredients. Prep table refrigerators allow the chefs to store and access the ingredients and raw food quickly in the preparation area.

They come with trays under the main lid and cabinets for storage of food items and vegetables. Prep tables are small in height to provide easy access to the raw material for dishes and recipes. Worktops are specially designed for restaurants and catering businesses that need to prepare the food items daily.

Bar Refrigerators

There are a variety of bar refrigerators available in the markets to use in different businesses like pubs, bars, and hotels. They have a generous storage capacity to store different types of beverages such as wines, beers, and soft drinks.  Bar refrigerators provide easy access to the bartenders and staff members to the beverages stored inside.

Walk-In Refrigerators

Walk-In Refrigerators
Walk-In Refrigerators
The factories and food industries require large cooling units as they need to store large stocks of food. Walk-in refrigerators are like the rooms in which the workers can walk in to access the food items. They have shelves for storage and easy access to foods and a separate freezing compartment.

Food factories need to take care of the maintenance of walk-in refrigerators and keep them in good working condition. Even a minor fault can reduce the cooling or stop the unit completely, leading to spoilage of a large stock of food.

Display Cases

The display cases are the refrigerators used in retails stores and bakeries to showcase the food products. They do not guarantee a long shelf life and are designed for displaying foods like cakes and ice creams for a short time.

Display refrigerators come in different types such as bakery display, deli display, and vertical and horizontal display cases. Retail stores use them to store foods for one or two days by setting them at the lowest temperatures. However, retail stores and shops cannot use them for storing food items for more than a few days.

Final Words

These are the common types of commercial refrigerators used by food retail stores, restaurants and factories. However, these cooling units need regular care and maintenance for high performance and efficiency.

In case of a fault, they need professional services like commercial freezer repairs Ipswich for repair and maintenance. Now as you know about various types of commercial refrigeration units, you can easily select one for your food business or guide others to choose for them.

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