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5 Quick Considerations To Check-Out When Choosing A Website Development Agency

Are You Looking For A Winning Website For Your Business?

5 Quick Considerations To Check-Out When Choosing A Website Development Agency
5 Quick Considerations To Check-Out When Choosing A Website Development Agency
Business websites have become a common and essential phenomenon for all businesses (irrespective of the size or the working model). However, where many businesses excel with a professionally developed aesthetically pleasing websites, many businesses lack the clarity for what they want from their websites.

In Dubai (where I am currently located), I have passed by various curious and anxious business owners looking for recommendation for the right Dubai website development agency and while I do offer them various recommendation in line with their requirements, most of the time I prefer explaining them the criteria for a good business website for 2019.

Below I have compiled a list for some fast considerations to check out for a winning website development project in 2019:

1. Fast Loading:

Quick Fact: If your website doesn’t load within 3 to 5 seconds, over 90% of users will switch to other sites.

I guess this pretty much explains the importance of having a fast loading website. The problem is, today users are increasingly getting intolerant of slow loading websites (because they have hundreds of choices to choose from). To make things even worse, Google has put a penalty for slow loading websites; which means any chances to attract visitors to the website is doomed with low search engine ranks.

Thereby, to start-off make sure any Dubai website development agency you choose to understand this important aspect and adjust the loading time in accordance with Google recommendations.

2. Responsiveness:

The other important aspect to check out is the mobile responsiveness of the website. Now, if you haven’t been hiding in the wilderness of Sahara Desert, you must know that the number of mobile users have long surpassed the desktop users, which means more people are looking for your business using mobile devices and if your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices (responsive to different screens) you are losing over 50% of customers to start with.

Moreover, Google has also updated its algorithm last month (Mobile First Indexing) and has already started ranking websites for the responsiveness to mobile devices, thereby you will be losing big time with a stubborn (Desktop only) business website.

3. Analytics Matter:

To succeed in the market, you need to enable tracking at the backend to gather key indicators including conversions, traffic, leads, etc. thereby, while you choose a Dubai website development agency, make sure they are well-versed with the technicalities that go behind the scene for gathering user analytics.

4. SEO:

No matter how unique your business model is, there is a sure chance that there will be hundreds of other businesses competing for the same market with the same business model. And when the competition is such high, you need to have greater visibility over platforms where customers are looking for the product/service you offer. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the foremost need in this respect. Google has chalked out the detailed guidelines to follow to be able to rank higher in its search engine and any Dubai website development agency you choose; make sure they have the ability to follow Google guidelines.

5. Strong Security:

Websites without “SSL” security have been rejected rankings over Google. Yup, with the increase in cybercrime and greater governmental initiatives to protect security (GDPR), security has taken the center stage for all websites.

And well, it’s not just limited to Google ranking, instead, it’s all about your credibility as a business that’s at stake. Thereby, while you choose a Dubai website development agency, make sure those guys have the ability to deliver a secure and well-protected website with all necessary security feature required in 2019.

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