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6 Tips For Stay-At-Home Moms Facing Florida Divorces

6 Tips For Stay-At-Home Moms Facing Florida Divorces
6 Tips For Stay-At-Home Moms Facing Florida Divorces
Many women choose to sacrifice their professional careers to stay home and raise their family. Divorce can impact the lives of such ladies in a greater way as compared to women with regular jobs. Stay-at-home moms facing Florida divorces must be prepared for significant lifestyle changes which their newly single status entails. The fact that they remained out of the workforce for so long can also go against them. The biggest challenge in front of such housewives is to secure their financial future as soon as possible. Instead of moping over their separation, they must organize themselves and create a plan to successfully go through the entire process. If you are a stay-at-home mom, then you must go through the following tips before approaching a divorce attorney in Fort Pierce or any other Florida city.

1. Collect All Vital Documents

The first step is to collect all important documents that will help you in getting a favorable settlement. You will need papers which provide proof of your income. Not going outside to work does not mean that a person cannot have any sources of income. An investment made in stocks or a business which gives you access to monthly returns can be considered as earnings. Ladies must also gather all bills and other invoices which will prove their necessary monthly expenses. This will be helpful in convincing a court about the minimum support amount that they must receive. Bank statements, tax returns, property ownership deeds, insurance policies or any documentary evidence of your financial situation must be collected.

2. Assume Control Of Your Finances

It is common for housewives to let their husbands manage their bank accounts and other funds. However, when faced with the prospect of separation they must move swiftly to assume control of their finances. This is important as they will need to take care of significant expenses which they will encounter while navigating through the legal process. They must get all the necessary documents related to their personal bank accounts in their possession. They must calculate all the savings they have made until now to get an exact view of their present financial situation.

3. Learn About Alimony In Florida

Ladies must also know what Florida laws say about alimony. The spousal support amount depends on the duration of a marriage. Any marriage that lasted for less than 7 years is considered as a short-term marriage. A relationship that continued for less than 17 years is categorized as moderate-term. Marriages going beyond 17 years as considered as long-term. There are different kinds of alimonies in the state. Permanent alimony is usually awarded in long and mid-term marriages. The court reviews a marriage to determine a reasonable amount. Stay-at-home moms facing Florida divorces can also ask for temporary alimony while the legal proceedings are on. This support gets terminated automatically once the court passes a formal divorce decree. There are also provisions for bridge-the-gap, rehabilitative, and durational alimonies. You must contact a Fort Pierce divorce attorney to get a complete understanding of the matter.

4. Know About Florida Child Custody And Support Laws

Another important aspect of legal separation is child custody and support. It will be pertinent to know the state’s standpoint on these vital issues. Florida has allowed two types of custody arrangements. In sole parental responsibility, only one spouse gets the duty of keeping the children. In shared parental responsibility arrangements, both parents share the responsibility of bringing up their offsprings. Parents are legally bound to pay the support amount fixed by a court. Spouses have to share the responsibility of paying the medical expenses of their children. Parental income and the number of overnights spent with one parent are key determining factors of the support amount. In case, your child stays completely with you, then your ex-husband has to pay the highest amount which a court will fix after studying your case.

5. Understand How Assets Are Divided In The State

Florida follows the principle of equitable division while dividing the assets between divorcing partners. Equitable generally means equal but the definition of the term is usually left to the discretion of the court. Remember that all non-marital assets owned by you are your exclusive property. Any assets which you acquired before entering the present relationship or acquired in your individual capacity after the marriage are considered as non-marital property. The equitable distribution formula will be applied to marital assets. Any property which the couple acquired after the marriage whether jointly or independently will be considered as marital assets. For example, you were gifted a car by your husband who purchased it with his earnings. Now you cannot claim the car to be your exclusive property. It will be treated as a marital asset and will be a part of the equitable division.

6. Identify Your Priorities During The Settlement

It is essential that you identify your priorities in the settlement. Do you want to win custody of your child or securing a suitable alimony amount is on top of your mind? List your preferences and then consult an experienced attorney. It will be easy for the professional if you outline your priorities right at the beginning. She can then create an effective strategy to get a favorable settlement decision from the court.


It is necessary that stay-at-home moms facing Florida divorces create a plan to successfully navigate the procedure. They must get in touch with an experienced lawyer in Fort Pierce or any other Florida location to get valuable guidance.

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