Heart Arrhythmia: Symptoms, Causes And Prevention

Heart Arrhythmia is related to the rate of your heartbeat.
This complication arises when the rate of your heartbeat is too fast, too slow
or irregular. Various factors like Coronary Heart disease, genetic defects, etc
are responsible for this condition. Visit the best
cardiologist in Delhi
to learn more about the risks.

Heart Arrhythmia: Symptoms, Causes And Prevention
Heart Arrhythmia: Symptoms, Causes And Prevention

The Major Symptoms For Heart
Arrhythmia Include:

  • Palpitations – A
    constant feeling of your heart racing or skipping a beat.
  • Pounding In Your
    Chest –
    Due to the heart rate increasing, there may be a sensation of your
    heart pounding in your chest.
  • Dizziness – Due
    to the irregularity in the heart rate, a person might feel dizzy or
  • Shortness Of Breath –
    In a condition like tachycardia, the heart’s ability to pump blood is affected.
    This can cause difficulty in breathing or dizziness.
  • Chest Pain – An
    increase in the heart rate can cause the muscles of the heart to weaken. This,
    in turn, can lead to mild chest pain.
  • Weakness Or Fatigue –
    A person may experience weakness or fatigue due to the heart’s inability to
    pump blood effectively during Arrhythmia.

Arrhythmia can easily be confused with other heart disorders
as the symptoms are more or less common. Cardiologists
in Delhi
use various tests like electrocardiograms to diagnose this
condition. When the heart rate is too slow, the condition is called
bradycardia. When the heart rate is too fast the condition is called

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Various Causes For Heart Arrhythmia Are:

  • High Blood Pressure –
    Hypertension can increase the load of the heart thus, slowing the heart rate.
  • Heart Attack – A
    heart attack can slow down the functions of the heart and cause bradycardia.
  • Medications – Certain
    over-the counter-medicines for cough & cold can contribute towards its
  • Sleep Apnoea – During
    apnoea, the oxygen level in your body drops. This leads to an increase in blood
    pressure which can cause arrhythmia.
  • Blocked Arteries In
    Your Heart –
    Blocked arteries can make it difficult for the blood to pass
    and reach the heart. Due to the lack of blood, the heart rate will slow down.
  • Drinking Too Much
    Caffeine Or Alcohol –
    Alcohol and caffeine have always imposed great risks
    on the heart. Regular consumption of alcohol can cause an increase in blood
    pressure which in turn affects the heart rate.
  • Overactive And
    Underactive Thyroid Gland –
    When the thyroid releases too much or less
    hormone it can either quicken or slow down the heart rate respectively.

Ways To Prevent Heart Arrhythmia:

Developing this condition can be avoided using the following
preventive measures:
  • Consuming A Healthy
    Diet –
    Eating a heart-healthy diet which comprises of fiber-rich foods like
    whole grains, fruits, vegetables & nuts can help prevent the development of
  • Being Physically
    Active –
    Exercising regularly for 30 mins can have a positive impact on
    your heart. Simple exercises like walking or jogging can also help.
  • Avoiding Smoking
    & Limit The Consumption Of Alcohol –
    Smoking and alcohol are
    detrimental to your heart. Avoid smoking and limit the consumption of alcohol
    to one or two glasses a day to avoid any heart complications.
  • Reducing Stress &
    Anxiety –
    Stress is one of the root causes of developing a heart disease
    like arrhythmia. Practice meditation daily to relieve your stress and adopt a
    healthy lifestyle.
  • Cautious Use Of
    Medications –
    Certain over-the-counter medications for cough & cold can
    trigger a rapid heart rate. Use these drugs only when prescribed by a trusted
    physician and as recommended by him.
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With these ways, you can prevent the development of heart
arrhythmia and ensure your heart’s proper functioning. Start each day with a
happy, healthy heart!
For further queries, visit a top heart specialist in Delhi.


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