Visiting Hong Kong In Summer

Visiting Hong Kong In Summer
Visiting Hong Kong In Summer
Magical Hong Kong, a city where the streets are full of
wandering tourists and busy locals, and where summer is punctuated by pleasing
attractions so numerous that you can’t fit them all into a single holiday
schedule. Hong Kong has long been a dream vacation for many, and if you’re
finally serious about turning wishful thinking into reality, here what is in
store for you in terms of a summer visit to Hong Kong.

1) Pristine Islands Await

Soaring summer temperatures necessitate the need to gather
around beautiful waters perfect for a blistering afternoon dip. You’ll be
pleased to know that Hong Kong is no slouch in this department providing
visitors a bountiful collection of glorious landmasses. Lantau Island stands
out from the archipelago offering guests unkempt vegetation and hilling
landscapes peering into horizons decorated by breathtaking seascapes and
several islands. Rocky Tung Lung Chau Island and the befittingly named Grass
Island make up some of the other popular choices on a list well into double

2) Several World-Renowned Fairs And

Summer paves the way for a significant number of festivities
with 2019 serving up an exciting roster. Guests can, for instance, look forward
to a massive “Star Wars” concert between 4th and 6th July at the
legendary Cultural Concert Hall. The “Van Goh Alive” multi-sensory
exhibition is also right around the corner as is Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze’s
poetry experience and the famous “Beer We Go” adventure. What’s more,
perennial UK music chart-toppers “Westlife” are headed to the city at
the end of next month after getting back together following a six-year hiatus.

3) A Night Ride On The Star Ferry

A trip
on the white-green vessel
is a must regardless of whether you visit during
hail-laden winter periods or humid summer seasons because the breathtaking
views it provides are out of this world. During the hot season, its best you
make the tour at night when the breeze is cool, and the towering architecture
puts on a flickering display of dancing lights.

4) Cool Hiking Trails

It might seem counterintuitive to go hiking on hot summer
months, but Hong Kong affords intimate areas of cool forest seclusions that
cast soothing microclimates of their own. Victoria Peak is one of such places,
providing chilly air resulting from a 554-meter elevation and the lush nature
that dominates the landscape. It’s excellent for running, jogging, and
breathtaking sightseeing. Other exemplary hiking trails also include Dragon’s
Back and Tai Mo Shan. After a day of crisscrossing indigenous plant and animal
species, sit back, or rather lay down, and to a healing
Hong Kong massage
which is never missing in an itinerary of the city’s
Hong Kong can get quite humid and hot over summer, but the
weather lets up most of the time, although you might need to carry around an
umbrella in case of intermittent showers. It is therefore convenient you plan
an appropriate activity during the day, such as visiting beaches or watery
theme parks, and schedule strenuous vacation activities toward evening when the
temperatures are more forgiving. Nonetheless, summer is just as much fun in the
“Pearl of the Orient” as it is during the other seasons of the year.
There is never a wrong time to visit the “Land of a thousand skyscrapers.”

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