Best Times You Should Visit Hong Kong

Best Times You Should Visit Hong Kong
Best Times You Should Visit Hong Kong
Are you planning a trip to Hong Kong and are wondering what
time of the year is ideal for your visit? While the “Pearl of the Orient”
rarely loses its charm through all twelve months, certain months are better
than others depending on what occasion you’re aiming for. Today, we break down
this schedule to bring you some insight on when, where and why to visit certain
locations within the ultramodern city that has become the pinnacle of success
in Asia.

1. Shopping Enthusiasts Should Visit
Between July And Early September

You can shop in Hong Kong pretty much anytime but during
this month, shops are offering great discounts in a bid to cash in on the
customers trickling in from the city’s beaches. If you’re looking to experience
big fashion label launches, on the other hand, then prioritize the time between
winter and autumn. This period is usually quite busy in this regard.
Prior to the Chinese New Year in the immediate aftermath of
Christmas is also another excellent window for good sales. For the night owl
shopper, Temple Street is the place to be no matter when you visit. It is the
largest night market in Hong Kong and never closes save for the first day of
the Chinese New Year. It’s normally best explored after 7 pm.

2. Visit Hong Kong Disneyland Between
November And April

The traffic around the city’s Disneyland is manageable
during this period at a time when the weather is also comfortably warm and dry.
Plan your visit outside of major holidays and weekends if you’d really like to
avoid the long lines.
Once through with Disneyland, you are sure to be exhausted
from the exhilarating rides and a
sensual Hong Kong massage
is certain to help with those sore muscles. Be
sure to spare time for one because it’s extremely relaxing and has been shown
to possess various physiological benefits including improved blood circulation.

3. For Victoria Peak, Summer Months
Are Preferable

Victoria Peak offers a front-row seat to take in
scintillating views of the city’s spectacular skyscape. The view doesn’t get
any better than during summer when occasional downpours clear up the normally
foggy air to give you unencumbered views of the beautiful architecture below.
To beat the crowds who prefer to visit right before sunset
on a clear day, visit Victoria Peak in the early morning of a weekday. It is
also a joy after dark as you get to see awesome scenery made up of alluring
lights in the distance.

4. Go Early In The Year For The Best

The Chinese New Year celebrations are the height of ecstasy
in the city making the period from late January to late February perfect for
staunch party lovers. Sure you’ll have to contend with hordes of humanity for a
share of the festivities but isn’t that the whole point of a celebration?
Beyond the CNY, other fun-to-attend occasions include the
Dragon Boat Festival which serves up curious boat designs to experience along
Shing Mun River. That even takes place somewhere between May and early June.
Nonetheless, Hong Kong is always appealing all throughout
the year so you are sure to love the charming city regardless of when you visit

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