Best Ways To Enjoy Croatia During Summer

In addition to the stunning
scenery, in Croatia, you will find a lot of interesting things. Here are a few
ideas you will enjoy doing during the summer, although they all directly or
indirectly intersect with the magnificent landscapes of Croatia.
Best Ways To Enjoy Croatia During Summer
Best Ways To Enjoy Croatia During Summer

1. Visit At
Least One Or Several:

Croatian islands. Croatia
consists of 1,145 islands, among which are both popular tourist destinations
and uncharted land areas in the Adriatic Sea. In Croatia, there are only 47
inhabited islands, many of which are not yet very popular among tourists. Thanks
to this, Croatian islands become an excellent route for boating or ferry trips,
excellent walking routes are organized on the islands, and the islands are
clean beaches. Here are a few Croatian islands to visit: Lopud Island, St.
Nicholas Island, Susak Island, Bisevo Island, Prod.

2. Visit The
National Parks:

Croatia boasts magnificent
national parks, so if you have time, be sure to visit one of them. If you do
not know which one to choose, then we recommend the Plitvice Lakes, with
beautiful waterfalls, crystal clear lakes, and lush greenery. This is the
largest national park in Croatia, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
If this is far for you, then
visit the Krka Park, which is closer to the resorts, but not inferior to the
more famous Plitvice Lakes Park. In the park “Krka” you will see 7 waterfalls,
an ethnographic museum and 2 monasteries: Franciscan and Serbian.

3. Spend A
Day In Dubrovnik:

Journey to Croatia will not be
completed without visiting the wonderful city of Dubrovnik. It is impossible to
imagine someone who would not like it, there is something for everyone. With
its fascinating history and stunning architecture, you will no doubt fall in
love with it. Stroll around the walls of the old terracotta city with superb
landscapes of the city itself and the harbor. Also, if you are a fan of the
Game of Thrones, you will have the opportunity to go on tour with a visit to the
key locations of the series.
Because of the surge of
popularity, the tourists are making Dubrovnik a well-known place and a favorite
amongst the travelers from all around the world, it’s a must see destination
when you are traveling to Croatia. Also the increase in the demand of the property
in Dubrovnik
has been astonishing because of those reasons.

4. Enjoy A
Historic Tour In Split:

Split is a fascinating seaside
town filled with historical objects, most of which can be seen on a walking
tour of the city. This city is like a living museum, so you should take time to
explore the ancient and medieval landmarks, such as Diocletian’s Palace and the
Split Cathedral of St. Domnius. And here, there are also several locations from
the Game of Thrones.

5. Tasting

When it comes to wine tasting in
Croatia, the most difficult thing is to choose which vineyard to go to, because
there is a huge amount of them in Croatia. But you don’t have to stop at one.
We all love to taste some good wine at dinner, especially on holiday. And there
is nothing better than to see how it is created and taste what it tastes like.
A large number of vineyards and tours exist in almost all of Croatia,
therefore, wherever you are, there will always be a vineyard nearby.

6. Music Festivals:

If you like music, then you will
enjoy the summer music festival. There are some amazing things in Croatia, such
as UltraEurope, OutlookFestival, SonusFestival, and HideoutFestival, with
parties on beaches and yachts.

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