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How To Deal With A Sudden Heart Attack?

How To Deal With A Sudden Heart Attack?

How To Deal With A Sudden Heart Attack?
How To Deal With A Sudden Heart Attack?
A heart attack occurs when there is a complete blockage in an artery that supplies blood to any area of the body. With age, smooth muscles inside the heart begin to weaken and are often compressed with the fatty material known as plaque. When the plague breaks blood cells along with other parts of the blood, the damaged portion leads to blood clotting. This ultimately leads to heart attack when these clots completely block blood flow and it seriously affects the flow of blood to other parts of the muscles. It can also cause severe pain in the chest. As a result, some muscles of the heart begin to die.

In many cases, it is not possible to get immediate medical assistance when someone has a stroke or a heart attack, and in such cases, it is necessary for everyone to understand that someone has a heart attack to understand the symptoms.

Some symptoms may appear in the heart attack person, including uncomfortable pressure, a pain in the center of the chest, pain in shoulders, neck, jaw and teeth, or pain in hands and stomach. Due to lack of pressure, lack of breath, dizziness, dizziness and unconsciousness, some of the other symptoms increase rapidly. Sweat and nausea can be taken as the initial signs to pay attention.

Some Of These Actions Can Be Taken:

  • Call nearby Local Crisis Number.
  • Do not try to ignore the symptoms of heart attack for more than five minutes.
  • Aspirin may be helpful in chewing or swallowing, although it should be kept in mind that the patient is not allergic to aspirin or advised to stay away from aspirin.
  • If an automatic external defibrillator (AED) is available and the affected person is unconscious, it is advisable to give CPR, unless the equipment is being set. Once set up, the person should be assisted by following all the manual instructions.
There may be other steps along with the above steps so that patients can be helped if needed and can help them out of danger or help prevent any serious consequences.

The vulnerability to heart attack increases with the growing age of the person. People are advised to be cautious, to follow the healthy lifestyle and balanced dietary system and to avoid the occurrence of any coronary heart issues. Stroke is indicative of any serious issue, which requires attention. Cardiologists in manipal hospital dwarka are always available to help people in emergencies and to support them whenever they need it.

Presently it is a matter of concern due to the increase in unhealthy lifestyle patterns by people, therefore, every cardiologist in Delhi and most physicians are dedicated to making people aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and how it is necessary to follow them to have a sound health and avoid any complications related to the heart in the coming years.

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