Why Flowers Are A Popular Gift For All Occasions

Why Flowers Are A Popular Gift For All Occasions
Why Flowers Are A Popular Gift For All Occasions
There are such a significant
number of events that define our lives. Some happy, some sad, however, there is
no such occasion where Flowers do not fit. Most of the time you do not know
exactly what to give to someone and ask yourself which gift will be
appropriate. That’s where the flowers come in.
The flowers can bring an instant
smile to anyone’s face, but having the right flowers for the right occasion can
be even better. Here is a comprehensive list of flowers and flower arrangements
as per occasions, to help you do just that:
Birthday’s events the best
thought for birthday flowers is anything colorful. The flowers may be of your
choice, but make sure you look beautiful and colorful. Anniversary being a
happy occasion brings out several shades of colors. For example, if you are
sure you want to give roses, make it quite vivid!


Birthday is a very special
occasion. Special occasions deserve something unique, so choose the best
flowers of the season and combine them with a basket of fresh fruits; it does
wonders and adds a touch of class. Another thought is to pick flowers as per
the personality of the couple. For example, if they are simple and sweet, go
with lilies. If they are colorful and happy, go with a mixed bouquet of
gerberas and carnations and if they are a couple who are in love and are kind
then a bouquet of orchids is the way to go.


According to beliefs, many
different flowers are used at Christmas, each symbolizing a different look.
Holly is the symbol of luck and masculinity and drives away evil. Mistletoe is
also an important flower for Christmas; is a symbol of peace and is also used
as a meeting place for lovers to kiss in Western cultures. The flower of ivy is
associated with the resurrection of Jesus. Therefore, your choice is based on
your belief.


The most popular flowers to gift
on this religious and cultural day are Chrysanthemums, Gerbera, Daisies,
Alstroemeria and Marigolds.

Get Well

Giving flowers to someone who is
not well is one of the best gestures anyone can do. Make sure they are in
accord with the nature of the person, and that they are beautiful and fresh to
cheer you up. You can gift lilies, sunflowers, orchids, roses and more that
will surely lift your spirit.


A sad occasion that demanded
flowers that conveyed their condolences. White flowers always convey their
sincere sympathy. Alternatively, you can also use flowers with light pastel
tones, fastened with a silver or white ribbon or other decorations, but do not
overdo it.


As this is a happy occasion that falls
during the spring, all the bright seasonal flowers do! Spring gives you a
beautiful collection of fresh garden flowers. If you still want a concise list,
choose from Tulips, Irises or Daffodils. These are the flowers that are at
their best as it is spring time.


Carnations, Valley Lilies and
Daffodils are the most gifted flowers in the world for this occasion. Also,
what makes the best bouquet is what you feel you will like, after all who knows
your mother better than you.


Red is the color of the day! But
women also like to be endowed with other soft and feminine colors, such as
lavender, lilac, rose and peach. If you think roses are very striking, here are
some other solutions – tulips, daffodils, iris, saffron, hyacinths or
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