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Worried About Your Heart Health? Consult The Best Cardiologist In Medanta Hospital Gurgaon

Worried About Your Heart Health? Consult The Best Cardiologist In Medanta Hospital Gurgaon
Worried About Your Heart Health? Consult The Best Cardiologist In Medanta Hospital Gurgaon
In today’s generation, one of the major concerns in the country is of heart diseases. It is estimated that about a staggering 3% of the country’s population suffers from heart ailments. Here at Medanta, it is our constant endeavor to provide a high range of best-in-class cardiology services.

What Is Cardiology?      

Cardiology is the study and treatment of various disorders, ailments, and conditions related to the heart and cardiovascular system. It is a wide medical specialty that is involved in the well-being and care of all aspects associated with the human heart. Cardiology is a discipline that includes the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases based on the evaluation of symptoms and knowledge of causes. This also includes clinical research about various heart diseases.

What Is The First Step While Tackling Cardiovascular Disease?

The first step is to know the causes of the disease. Along with this, an examination of the signs and symptoms should be watched out for.

Here is a list of some common causes of heart diseases: pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, diabetes, stress, lifestyle habits such as smoking, and excessive consumption of alcohol or caffeine. Intake of certain Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and dietary supplements by individuals could also lead to the development of heart diseases.

The symptoms of heart disease differ depending on the kind of condition. Heart disease sweeps in silently. The recognition of its symptoms may be slightly difficult. Nonetheless, there are certain signs that one can look out for. Difficulty in breathing (shortness of breath), pain in the back area, discomfort, pain and heaviness in the chest area, problems with digestion, stomach pain, a burning sensation in the heart or chest, difficulty in concentration, and pain in the jaw area can be stated the common symptoms of heart and cardiovascular diseases.

Heart diseases are often life-threatening and thereby, early and the right treatment is a must. We do not endorse the self-diagnosis of any health disease. But if your condition is similar to the symptoms mentioned above, it is recommended that your visit a cardiologist near you soon.

How Can We Help You?

At Medanta Cardiology Centre, we provide ongoing evaluation, diagnoses, and treatment for cardiac issues. We are firm believers in offering paramount healthcare to our patients.

Your cardiologist will evaluate your symptoms and monitor your overall health before starting the treatment. The diagnosis is completed based on risk factors of the disease. Your family and personal medical history of the disease would be a factor in the diagnosis. The doctor would conduct certain diagnostic tests such as blood tests, X-rays and 2D echo test to complete the process. Depending on the above-mentioned criterion and steps, your treatment plan would be formulated.

Cardiologist in Medanta Hospital Gurgaon can be contacted and consulted via Credihealth. Medanta Hospital Gurgaon is our partner hospital. Credihealth is an online health portal where you can get information on all your medical queries. We aim to empower and educate people about the existing healthcare system. Further, we are focused on making the medical journeys of our patients easier. We have the solutions to all your questions about medical needs.

We, at Credihealth, understand that you would need special assistance in making the right decision about your family’s health. Our care services not only provide reliable information but also facilities like in-hospitalization help, video-consultation, easy medication order, and delivery and more.

Use our time-saving services and enjoy benefits. You can check the cardiologist in Medanta Hospital Gurgaon on our doctors’ list. You can also avail of our discounts and offers by booking an appointment online. For more credible information and free personalized guidance, contact our medical experts today.


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