6 Ways To Keep The Employees Happy And Motivated Without A Raise

6 Ways To Keep The Employees Happy And Motivated Without A Raise
6 Ways To Keep The Employees Happy And Motivated Without A Raise

Employees are the biggest assets
that companies can have. That is why it is a must to keep them motivated and
happy if you want your business to thrive and succeed in the long run.

But winning over the hearts of
the employees is not a child’s play. You have to brainstorm in order to find
out ways to make the employees feel valuable.
As the entrepreneur, it is you
who have to inspire the employees to be their best versions so that they can
give their best for the benefit of the business. If you can execute this task
well, you won’t be just be able to make your employees productive but also
So, if the happy hours of your
company are no more fun and the lavish office spaces are also not in the cards,
then you should start exploring the middle ground that is more or less
achievable by every company provided you know the tricks.
One of the greatest challenges
for most entrepreneurs is to strike the perfect balance between being the
perfect leader who helps others and still finds the ways to get the work done.
To help you with these, here are
some ways to keep the employees motivated and happy. Just take a look:

6 Ways To Keep The Employees Happy And Motivated Without A Raise
6 Ways To Keep The Employees Happy And Motivated Without A Raise
  • Offer Words Of Encouragement – Irrespective of whether you pen down
    the words of encouragement on a sticky note or congratulate your employees
    verbally on the completion of a task, it is imperative that you praise the
    employees for their efforts. Even a “job well done” and an easy  “thank you” go a long way. These are extremely
    valuable for your business.

    Research has revealed that an
    organisation that recognises the employees on a regular basis soars in
    customers service and productivity. In fact, companies recognising the employee
    achievements are about 14% better than those companies that don’t.

  • Create A Culture Of Feedback And Transparency – As many managers
    are afraid to do this, admitting when you are wrong can create an office
    ambience based on honesty, transparency and trust. Here everyone can feel free
    to do their best at work. As a CEO, the first step to create the right office
    environment is to admit that you are wrong.

    Sometimes to some people, the
    leadership roles mean to be always controlling and always right. But it takes
    much more courage and is said to be the skill of a true leader to admit that
    you have made a mistake or are not aware of the answers and promote a culture
    of learning. This will allow you to change the ideas and correct your employees
    without needing to maintain the ego.

  • Offer Elastic Schedule – The flexible or elastic schedules permit
    the employees to work during their convenient time by selecting their own
    schedule. This permits them to capitalise on the hours that will be most
    productive and care of the personal matters when the need arises. If it is not
    very beneficial for your company to let the employees work during their
    convenient hours, the parameters can be still set which give the employees some

    The elastic schedules can give
    rise to more productive hours and more happier hours.

    The flexible schedules let the
    employees attend doctor’s appointments, pick up their kids from school and
    fulfil the other tasks that can only be completed during the usual working
    hours which make them less tensed. Lesser amount of stress can result in more
    loyal employees.

  • Set The Right Picture Of Yourself – Determine the kind of picture
    that you are sending to your employees. If you are too serious and just talk
    about work all the time and leave no room for innovations and mistakes, then
    you can rest assured that your workers won’t be interested to arrive at office
    and give their best.

    The fact of the matter is that
    you are centre of your company and the tone and energy of the company will
    depend on you to a great extent. That is why you should think about your body
    language and behaviour. There are always rooms for a change from which you can
    benefit both your employees and your business.

  • Let Your Employees Work From Remote Locations – The best thing
    about letting people work from home or remote locations is that your business
    can save a lot through this process. If you have less employees, then you can
    also save on the light bills and have less supplies to be used.

    Moreover, the remote workers are
    found to be more productive. As they do not have to travel, they start the day
    much early. Where are no distractions of the office, it can be simpler to focus
    and get the work done. The workers who work remotely take less time and are more
    dedicated to the employer.

  • Appreciate The Good Work – If you do not appreciate and give
    recognition to your employees for a job well done then you can rest assured
    that your business won’t go a long way. Though this can seem to be challenging
    at times, but if you keep a track of the efforts and output of your employees
    you will be able to offer recognition to them.

    Some employees are caught up in
    their own work so much that they forget to give credit to each other. That is
    why you should take up the responsibility to sing the words of praise and keep
    the motivation levels high in the office.

    It is for this reason that the promotional products in Australia are so
    popular these days as more and more employers are utilising them to be given
    off as a token of recognition or as corporate gifts during festivals or success
    parties so that their employees remain pacified.

If you can keep the above in
mind, you will be able to keep your employees happy and satisfied without
giving them a raise. These will ensure that your business achieves its full
potential and keep growing with a great reputation. These pointers are
indispensable to create your niche in the industry.

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