Every Beginner Need To Know About How To Begin Your Riding Safely

Every Beginner Need To Know About How To Begin Your Riding Safely
Every Beginner Need To Know About How To Begin Your Riding Safely
Riding a bike is the best Fun and
adventurous activity if you are exploring new places. Beginners who are riding
should take care of certain things since they are unique in riding a Bike.
Specific factors to consider for driving safely and with proper caution.
Here are some of the Tips for
safely Beginning your riding:

1. Choose
The Right Bike:

The essential factor for ensuring
safety is to choose the right bike for riding with safety. When you select a
Bike that is comfortable for you, then security is assured. Be it a Mountain
Bike or regular commuting Bike comfortability is the main factor for riding
smoothly and efficiently.
There are several Bikes available
in the market like:
  • Mountain Bikes: Mountain Bikes are used in the hilly regions and
  • Road Bikes: Road Bikes mostly used for commuting purpose and
    primarily used through office people who travel every day.
  • Cruisers: Cruiser Bikes mainly used near the beaches and the sea
    for leisure purposes.
  • Hybrid Bikes: Hybrid Bikes are used by people who need to ride on both
    road and mountain regions.

2. Bike

Wheels: Wheels are an essential part of a Bike, select whether it
is a road bike or Mountain Bike.
Suspension Fork & Frames: Choose the suspension fork that is
suitable for Road bikes and also checks whether they fit in all terrains.
Suspension forks and the frames give the maximum torque and balance for riding
in the hilly regions.
Front Derailleur & Rear Derailleur: Both the Front & rear
Derailleur as the name suggests is located at the front and the back frame.
Both Derailleurs helps in the movement of the bike.
Brakes: Brake is the vital part of the Bike in stopping the vehicle
when needed. Braking mechanism should be perfect for Mountain Bikes. Hydraulic
Disc Brakes used for precision stopping of the vehicles.

3. Choose
The Right Handlebar:

Here are some of the common used
  • Flat Bars: Flat bars commonly used in all three Bikes, which
    includes Hybrid bikes, Road Bikes & Mountain Bikes.
  • Cruiser bars: The design of the Cruiser Bar is designed in such a
    way to provide the ultimate comfort for riding. Cruiser bars are mainly made of
    steel which is very strong and lightweight at the same time providing maximum
  • Drop Bar: Drop Bar allows better handlebar Grip and allows proper
    spacing between the body and the bike. Drop bars are cheaper when compared to
    the rest of handlebars. Drop bars are easy to handle with appropriate Brake
  • Flat Bar: Flat Bars are comfortable and mainly used in road Bikes
    for everyday commuting. Geometry and the designing of the flat bar are best
    suitable for roads.
  • Riser Bar: Riser bars are fixed in the mountain Bikes to give the
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Choosing the best Handlebar and
seat will allow you to ride your bike comfortably. Speed, agility and the
utmost efficiency depends upon which bike you want. Select the bike which you
find is comfortable. Be it Single-speed bikes or mountain bikes with many gears
pick the one that has the right geometry and Handling power.
Front Derailleur and the rear
Derailleur are the next main components for a Bike. The bike should be suitable
on-road as well as Mountain terrains. For Road cycling, you don’t have to
strain that much if you are using a smooth Bike.

4. Buy
Safety Accessories:

While riding, it is essential to
wear safety accessories and Beginners should use all the safety accessories to
protect them.
  • Helmet: Helmets which are of High-Quality should be used while
    driving to be safe from injuries in case of an accident.
  • Handlebar Mirrors: Mirrors in a Bike helps to see the other
    Motorists and other approaching vehicles. It is one of the vital safety Bike
    Accessories for viewing other motor vehicles.
  • Eyewear & Helmet Shield: Glass protecting your Eyes and helmet
    shield will help you to ride comfortably free from dust.

5. Look
For The Speed:

Most of the Single-speed Bikes
are lightweight and are smooth to ride. Single-speed bikes are useful for
riding them in the traffic. But 3-Speed vehicles are unique and are versatile
when compared to Single Speed Bikes. 3 Speed Beach Cruisers are best suitable
for riding them in terrains and sand areas at the beach. Whereas Single-speed
Bikes could be used only for everyday commuting.
If you are an adventurous person
and in need of a Bike with Multiple gears, then chooses a Multi-speed Bike.
Multispeed Bike lets you shift gears quickly at different terrains. When you
have a multi-speed bike, then you will be able to balance and shift the gears
according to the terrain surface.

6. Choose
The Right Saddle:

Before choosing the right saddle
select which type of bike that you need Finding the right saddle often consumes
much time but the more effort that you put, the more comfortable it becomes in
riding your vehicle.
There are different types of
saddles available:
  • Performance Saddle: They are long and narrow and they are full and
    are comfortable for a long drive.
  • Cushioning Saddle: Cushioning saddle provides the maximum comfort
    and they are softer than other seats.
  • Gel Coated Saddle: Gel coated saddle comes with Gel pads and
    designed in such a way for orthopedic patients. Will act as pressure relief
    saddle for reducing the ache.
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7. Select
The Right Gear:

Choosing the right gear for
riding is the next important step that is considered while getting a Bike for
Beginners. Choosing which gear will be suitable is the essential thing before
getting one for you.
There are two types of gears: Low
Gear & High Gear.
  • Low Gear: When you use a Bike with a low gear then it would be easy
    to ride and when you want to take your bike to hilly regions then a bike with
    the small gear will be the best. Pedaling becomes so smooth when you have low
  • High Gear: Chain ring is larger when compared to low gear and also
    riding the Bike in hilly regions. Large amount of force has to be applied for
    riding the Bike at a faster speed.


Safety is the prior thing that
has to be considered by any riders before riding a Bike. Getting all the safety
accessories will make your ride less stress-free and it is also a precaution to
avoid any injuries or accidents. The second step would be to choose the right bike, which will be
comfortable with the features that you expected.


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