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Is There Anything Like Fat Burning Steroids?

We have the idea of steroids as a muscle-building supplement. But most of us do not know that these can also help you lose some extra kilos. You read it right! Steroids can burn fat. In the process of building muscles, during the cutting cycle, steroids can help burn belly fat while protecting the lean muscle mass. The article will try to highlight how steroids can function as a fat burner and some of the best weight loss steroids on the market.

Is There Anything Like Fat Burning Steroids?
Is There Anything Like Fat Burning Steroids?

Let’s Know The Facts

Some fitness enthusiasts believe that boosting testosterone levels can also help you lose fat. Those diagnosed with low testosterone levels are more prone to gaining weight. As the levels go down, it tends to reduce muscle mass, which triggers people to eat more. And since the calorie expenditure also reduces, the body stores excess calories in the form of fats.

You can either seek for anabolic steroids, testosterone replacement therapy, or testosterone booster to support weight loss. Remember anabolic steroids are accessible in the pharmacies only with a prescription.

Now, steroids can increase red blood cells in the body by supplying your organs with sufficient oxygen and nutrients. That way, you can increase your energy and strength to lift more weight and burn calories. And since these increases metabolism, you can lose fat at a faster rate.

Best Steroids To Burn Fat

Is There Anything Like Fat Burning Steroids?
Is There Anything Like Fat Burning Steroids?
Steroids might not be for everyone wanting to look lean. Ideally, those who indulge in a regular fitness regime like athletes, bodybuilders, or any active person should use them. There has to be a balance of nutrition and exercise to assist the supplements to deliver the best results. Here is a list of few steroids that can help aid your weight loss program.


Anavar contains the anabolic steroid oxandrolone. It is a mild and effect steroid making it usable by both men and women. It is a drug that can enhance your athletic performance and reduce fat mass. It is a subtle steroid, so even women can use it without the fear of looking muscular.

Anavar, which has a high anabolic rating, aids weight loss by decreasing globulin that binds thyroid and increases thyroxine-binding prealbumin. The action allows more use of T3 hormones by the cells. These hormones can boost metabolism, produce energy, and encourage weight loss.

Other Benefits Of Using Anavar:

  • It can hold back stress hormones that stimulate fat accumulation and impairs lean muscle tissues.
  • Anavar works as a diuretic helpful for bodybuilders to lose water during the cutting stage.
  • It is an oral steroid that makes it safer than injecting.
  • It produces nitric oxide in the muscle tissues and boosts red blood cells to produce energy.


Winstrol or Stanozolol is an androgenic anabolic steroid (AAS) highly in use among athletes to enhance performance. When it came out, the primary purpose of Winstrol was to treat diseases like osteoporosis as it can preserve bone mass. These bind with androgen receptors in the muscle and bone tissues to enhance the muscle-building process. The steroid maintains nitrogen in the body and encourages protein synthesis by activating the receptors.

Men prefer it to use it more because it can help them lose fat while increasing lean muscle mass. The steroid cycle will last from 4-6 weeks and should not run longer than that. Also, it is suitable to use an assisting product to prevent any harm to your liver or other organs.

Winstrol can encourage the circulation of testosterone in your body to produce extra protein and help boost muscle development. Studies claim that it can help control obesity among people who have hormone imbalances. Similar to Anavar, this steroid will help you lose water weight.

Is There Anything Like Fat Burning Steroids?
Is There Anything Like Fat Burning Steroids?


It is another effective fat-burning anabolic steroid available in oil form. There are two varieties of this steroid – Drostanolone Propionate and Drostanolone Enanthate. Another steroid, Dianabol mimics the chemical profile of Masteron drostanolone. So, you have choices to either go for the Dianabol cycle or the drostanolone cycle. A user can administer it through an injection.

The steroid has anti-estrogenic properties that will reduce bloating and give a hard and defined look when you use it during the cutting stage. Its first uses were to treat breast cancer, but now athletes and bodybuilders love to use them to enhance performance and gain body mass. Masteron can influence estrogen hormones, which is responsible for bloating and water retention.

Benefits Of Masteron:

  • It can aid the ripping stage to lose body fat.
  • It can freeze and even help build muscles. People who wish to attain a better physique can opt for these by achieving muscle density.
  • It can boost energy levels, speed up metabolism, helping you work out more when at the gym.


To sum up, there are many more fat burning steroids on the market. But the idea behind using them should involve the support of a professional. Consult a general physician before incorporating these in your lifestyle. Also, solely depending on steroids is not the solution. Couple them up with a healthy diet, including all the essential fats, proteins, and carbs, along with a regular workout routine.

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