Nephrology Disease Treatment Symptoms, Causes And Their Types

Nephrology Disease Treatment Symptoms, Causes And Their Types
Nephrology Disease Treatment Symptoms, Causes And Their Types

The Nephrologists in Bangalore prefers to work under several
missions. These missions can be put in order thus:

  1. Correction and treatment of the causes of Kidney
  2. Repairing the damaged nephrons within the kidney. The
    repairing is done to that extent so that it could be helpful to avert dialysis.
  3. The doctors treating nephrology also undertakes to
    maintain the status of protein and fat metabolism. It helps in lowering the
    blood urea and S. Creatinine levels. They also apply medication to balance the
    level of the mentioned factors within the normal range.
  4. Support the kidneys till these are completely healed out,
    and can work properly. The efficient treatment of the doctors in the city
    prevents the rise of any complications afterward.

Line Of Treatment In Kidney
Disorders Followed By The Specialist Nephrologists In Bangalore:

REUC therapy has been used in treating renal failure and
management of kidney disorders.
In REUC, R stands for Renal Tissue repair, E stands for Electrolyte
Imbalance Management and U means Blood Urea Level Management. The last word
i.e. C stands for Serum Creatinine Level Management.
The treatment starts with the repairing of the inflamed
renal tissues up to the bearable extent. The renal failure patient has blood
urea, creatinine, and other sophisticated symptoms poised at serious levels.
The doctor starts the treatment with a physical examination of the patient. At
the time of physical examination, he checks out the signs of issues with heart
and blood vessels, for which a neurological test might be required to conduct.
The following tests are normally advised by the Nephrologists in Bangalore, before starting the treatment.
These tests are directed towards identifying the actual nature of the disease:
  • Blood Test: The
    kidney function blood tests look for the level of waste products in blood.
    These include urea and creatinine.
  • Test of Urine:
    While the analysis of the urine sample reveals abnormalities, that might point
    to chronic kidney failure.
  • Imaging Tests:
    The doctor may also advise to conduct USG. These tests help in the assessment
    of kidney structure and size. Other imaging tests might also be used in cases
    where required.
  • Biopsy: Unless
    otherwise determined, the doctor may recommend a biopsy for the kidney. In this
    case, a sample tissue is taken from the patient’s body and sent to a lab.
    Testing of the tissue there helps in the determination of the causes of kidney
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Chronic kidney diseases are incurable. Yet, depending on the
underlying causes, particular types of kidney diseases can be treated. The
procedure of treatment constitutes controlling of signs, symptoms, and
reduction of complications. The Nephrologists in Bangalore often restored to a
process where the progress of the disease can be slowed down. In the case of
severely damaged kidneys, treatment for end-case kidney diseases is adopted.
Several medications are applied to control the severity and
giving the ailing a bit more comfort.
Medications for high
blood pressure:
Blood pressure situation of kidney sufferers are worsened
high blood pressure. Therefore, the Nephrologists in Bangalore need to
recommend appropriate medicines to get these lower. The common medication
applied in these cases includes an angiotensin-converting enzyme that decreases
kidney function and changes electrolyte levels at the initial stage. The
patient thus might be required to undergo frequent blood tests. Doctors might
also recommend a water pill and low-salt diets.
Treatment of high
Statin is applied to improve the balance of cholesterol
issues.  Bad higher cholesterol is often
experienced by patients with kidney issues. This requires to be treated with an
immediate effect. This is prone to bring about heart diseases.
Lower protein diet to
decrease the number of waste products in blood:
The Nephrologists in
Bangalore are needed to recommend measures to prevent the accumulation of waste
products in blood. Proteins present in the body create waste products that are
filtered by the kidney. To minimize the strains on the kidney, doctors
recommend taking low-protein foods. The doctors may also appoint a dietician
who can offer an appropriate suggestion in this regard.


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