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Top Sunglasses Choices For This Fall

Top Sunglasses Choices For This Fall
Top Sunglasses Choices For This Fall
Covering your eyes with style and protection is as important as covering your other body parts from ruthless sunrays encroaching your sensitive visible crust. In recent years, sunglasses have become a fashion accessory more than an eye-protecting tool. You don’t only wear them during sunny summer days; instead, you may add them to your gear in winter days as well. Your eyes need to be protected from UV rays both in summers and fall season. Even though you may not feel the intensity of light and heat during the winter season but your sensitive retina may get affected. So it is preferable to add sunglasses in your winter routine as well. There have been so many top trends in sunglasses on the fashion weeks and runways which may introduce a new optical word to you. A few of these top trends have been gathered and presented here for your convenience.

Narrow Dark Shaded Sunglasses

Not desirable for maximum UV protection, but an amazing stylish addition to your modern look is a narrow sunglass with dark shaded lenses. The narrow sunglasses with square or round-edged frame are also in trend. Cat eyes pointed outer edges with meow shape is a very famous sunglasses style.

Retro Metallic Frame

Retro sunglass with round and square-shaped sunglasses with a metallic frame is again in trend now. The Metallic frame gives it an old classic look and compliments your retro-styled look.

Bigger Lenses Sunglasses

Sunglasses with unusually bigger lenses are in trend this fall season. You may find a round, square or oval-shaped big lenses sunglass with a metallic frame or a printed slim frame to compliment your celebrity look. Clear and transparent colorless lenses give it a more artistic look.

Half Framed Sunglasses

A sunglass with only the upper half of the Frame is a trendy style this season. You may choose a sunglass with flat horizontal upper edge and round-cornered or rounded shaped lower edge of the lenses is in trend now. Heavy half frame with turtle skin pattern is a charm.

Heavy Embellished Sunglasses

Heavy frames with various embellishments like stones, diamonds and glitter frames are also in trend. These may vary from light to very detailed embellishments. Turtle skin details and leopard printed frames are also outstanding emerging trends these days. You may also find wooden glasses with ornamental work on it at fancy wewood sunglasses.

Tinted Lenses Sunglasses

Sunglasses with a transparent tint of various shades like champaign, violet, blue, pink and grey colors are replacing conventional black and brown opaque lenses. Gradient tint is also a great choice for fashion lovers. These tinted sunglasses may not serve the purpose of UV protection to a greater extent but it is undoubtedly a new fashion choice for the trend following aspirants in you.

Nude Framed Sunglasses

Sunglasses with nude-colored thick frames are now in fashion. These nude shaded heavy frames may give you a funky stylish look. It has overridden the funky colored glasses like, orange, green, yellow and red. But still, these colors are not completely out of the fashion trail.

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