7 Myths About CBD You Probably Still Believe

7 Myths About CBD You Probably Still Believe
7 Myths About CBD You Probably Still Believe
CBD’s popularity levels are so
high that many people believe it to be wondrous. Just the other day, no one
could even utter the name “bhang” without people raising their heads. Today,
people believe that the miracle drug is about to bring all of us to our knees
with fantastic discoveries. If you haven’t caught up with the internet buzz
yet, CBD is a derivative of the hemp and cannabis sativa or marijuana plant. The substance
generates breaking news with every passing day and is quite confusing,
especially to the average person.
We end up asking ourselves,
should I take it? Can I give it to my kids? What about my cats or dogs? Can you
imagine what we have heard out there? What about the fear of what we all know
about cannabis and now CBD? Well, this article is about to dispense some of
these questions by dismantling all known myths about CBD you might still

1. CBD Has
Psychoactive Effects

7 Myths About CBD You Probably Still Believe
7 Myths About CBD You Probably Still Believe
Cannabidiol has no psychoactive effects.
It does interfere with brain functionality to induce calming and relaxing
therapeutic effects. It makes you crave different things, makes you more alert
of your surroundings, and improves your health and immune status, among other
functions. However, it does not get you high. THC is another compound found in
cannabis and is responsible for any psychoactive behavior after taking
cannabis. It impairs your mental capacity, and your physical appearance is one
of an intoxicated person.

2. CBD Is

7 Myths About CBD You Probably Still Believe
7 Myths About CBD You Probably Still Believe
There are various reliable
sources like online dispensary Canada
from where one can purchase CBD in small amounts for therapeutic use. It is
safer first to seek more information on cannabis regulations in your state.
Even though the use of cannabidiol is legal in some states, it does not mean it
is the same in all other countries.

3. CBD Comes
From Marijuana

Marijuana still holds a stigma
attached to it from long before CBD became legal. Even though it is the most
popular species of the cannabis family, there are other species such as hemp.
Marijuana species have high THC content. Hemp, over the years, has had many
applications. In the past, hemp was the basis of making fabrics, ropes, and
other goods sold in organic markets. Today, it undergoes different processes to
obtain cannabidiol as it has the lowest THC
of around 3%.

4. CBD Will
Show After Taking A Drug Test

7 Myths About CBD You Probably Still Believe
7 Myths About CBD You Probably Still Believe
CBD indeed has a lot of medical
benefits that allow you to take it. However, if aiming for a new job position
and requires you to take a drug test, Forbes
advises not to take Marijuana for pain relief due to your swollen foot or panic
levels. Even though CBD is perfect for pain relief, it might contain deficient
levels of THC that may end up showing on your drug tests. However, this is not
always the case as sometimes the standard can be negligible, and you end up
passing the test.

5. CBD And

What makes an individual
dependent on Marijuana is the high that comes from using THC products.
According to studies,
quitting using Marijuana and its products has no withdrawal symptoms similar to
those experienced in the case of heroin or cocaine. CBD in specific has no
addictive properties in it. CBD can only cause a reduction in your appetite
level, which is crucial for weight loss. Your heartbeat may increase and may
become irritable. However, these are effects that can result from any other
prescription drug as well. Furthermore, CBD does not get you high in any way.

6. CBD Is
Not Suitable For Kids

7 Myths About CBD You Probably Still Believe
7 Myths About CBD You Probably Still Believe
Have you read the case of Billy
and his battle against epilepsy? He is one of the kids who will
tell how CBD oil is magical. His parents might even agree that it is miraculous
as he would have 100 epileptic seizures in a day and CBD gave him the relief he
much needed. He went for many months without having a single epileptic seizure.
Until that fateful day, when airport police confiscated his medicine at the
airport, he had his first seizure after several months. Therefore, CBD oil is
beneficial to your kids, and the outcomes are just marvelous.

7. Too Much
Use Of CBD Is A Risk

Too much can indeed be a risk to
your health. However, too low does not deliver in some cases. If aiming to
avoid possible side effects from developing, then you should know that you
should increase your dosage with time “gradually”. Therefore, it does not
matter how much you take, side
if present will always be there.


Even though many myths are now in
the light, many individuals still do not believe. Therefore, we are advising
you to walk to the nearest clinic and seek more information from a professional
before starting to use CBD.

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