Tips That Will Help You Avoid Surgery For Chronic Back Pain

Tips That Will Help You Avoid Surgery For Chronic Back Pain
Tips That Will Help You Avoid Surgery For Chronic Back Pain
Health is the biggest asset that a person could ask for. A
lot of people take health for granted and only realize the worth when they end
up facing serious health issues. The quality of the lifestyle can decrease
significantly if you have to pay regular visits to a doctor. Avoiding a health
issue is not a good idea because it will keep on getting worse and it may even
lead to further health problems.
Back pain is a common health issue among young and old
people. The chronic back pain can make life hard for people as it can make it
difficult for them to work efficiently. People often choose to use pain killers
to deal with the pain but pain killers are not a healthy option. There are
better and healthier ways to handle back pain without depending fully on the
pain killers.
Surgery is also an option for dealing with back pain. But
surgery should always be the last resort because the recovery time is long and
it seems like a last resort. There are ways to deal with back pain without
surgery so make sure that you explore all the options before you decide to go
in for surgery.

What Causes Chronic Back Pain?

Chronic back pain is mostly related to age but young people
can experience back pain as well. Some other causes that can lead to back pain
are as following:
  • Narrowing of the spinal canal that ends up in nerve pain
    also known as spinal stenosis
  • Disc problems like bulging or herniated disc
  • Muscle pain and tenderness that you cannot explain also
    known as Myofascial pain syndrome.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options For
Back Pain:

Surgery is scary and it has risks so it is better to explore
all the non-surgical options before you decide to make the hard decision. Here
are a few excellent options that will keep you away from surgery and handle the
back pain.

Try Exercise:

Exercise is an essential part of the healthy lifestyle and
it is the foundation of treating the back pain. Exercising about ten minutes
daily will help in keeping the back strong and healthy and you will not have to
worry about back pain.
But before you choose an exercise regimen you need to make
sure that it is right for you or you will end up getting injured. It is better
to get some guidance from a physician. You can find the best Physiotherapist Ashford Kent so that
you can get some guidance from professionals. The physician and spine physical
therapist can guide you properly and suggest the best exercises to avoid back
The physical therapies for avoiding and handling chronic
back pain includes restraining the posture, flexibility, and stretching
exercises, strengthening the core, aerobics and testing pain tolerance limits.

Building Mental Strength:

Chronic back pain can have a physical and emotional impact
on a person’s life. To deal with the depression, irritation and frustration you
have to focus on psychological health. You can contact a rehabilitation
psychologist and a professional can help in staying mentally strong. You can
use tai chi, yoga, and other relaxation strategies. It will give the mind power
to handle chronic pain and focus on other positive things.

Adopting The Right Diet:

There are some diets that can increase inflammation and
enhance back pain. The meal plans that have high Trans fats content, processed
foods, and refined sugar then it will make you vulnerable to back pain. You
should consult a doctor and discuss your diet and you will be able to find
whether it is contributing to the inflammation of back pain. With the right
diet, you can maintain a healthy weight which will reduce pressure from the
spine and help in avoiding back pain.

Learn To Adapt:

If you start to experience back pain, you need to accept the
limitations of the body and adapt accordingly. The body will always tell you
about its limitations so make sure that you listen to your body. Not listening
to the body is a big mistake because overworking it will lead to more health
issues. If the back pain continues to increase, then you should start taking
note of the activities that are triggering the pain and make sure that you
eliminate those activities from your schedule. If you have any unhealthy habits
like smoking and drinking, then you should give them up.

Alternative Treatments:

There are so many alternative treatment options that will
help in avoiding surgery to deal with back pain. Physical therapies like
massage, biofeedback therapy, electric nerve stimulation therapy, laser
therapy, acupuncture, etc. that are effective in dealing with back pain. The
alternative treatments do not have any serious side effects so they are better than
pain medications.

Try Medication:

If the back pain continues to get worse then you need to get
some medication. Pain medications will help in keeping the back pain at bay.
There are muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics and other
medications that are effective in dealing with chronic back pain.
But if you decide to use pain medication you need to make
sure that you ask a professional. Do not take any medicines without talking to
the doctor first especially if you are taking any medication for some other
health issue. Medication is good at getting rid of the pain but make sure that
whatever meds you choose is approved by the doctor.

When It’s Time For Surgery?

Surgery for back pain should be the last resort and you
should know when it is time to take the last step. The red flags that will tell
you if it is time for surgery include:
  • Experiencing weakness in the limbs
  • Problems with gait and balance
  • Increased brisk reflexes
  • Experiencing new and progressing bladder/bowel issues
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Before you decide to go for surgery you should consult more
than one doctor and you also need to mentally and physically prepare for the
recovery period.
It is important that the decisions regarding health are not
taken lightly because they can have a lifelong impact on a person’s life.


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