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10 Factors Why the Loans of First Time Owners Are Rejected by Lenders

Taking home loans is undoubtedly a crucial step when you have decided to purchase your home for the very first time. Applying for home loans involves research, keeping the necessary documents ready, and most importantly, decision making. If you are prepared before you are applying for a home loan, it is not only going to save time but it will also be responsible for saving efforts. There might be a time when you do not have enough knowledge regarding the paperwork as well as formalities that are associated with a home loan. Apart from remaining ready for your home loan, you also need to understand why your home loan application can get rejected. To avoid application rejection, you must remain prepared and stay away from making those mistakes that can lead to rejection. Given below is a list of the factors as to why your home loan can be rejected. 
Unpaid dues
When borrowers take home loans, two important factors that are involved and associated with approval are the credit history and credit record. The check for credit history involves understanding the payment of the EMIs of several other loans as well as whether the dues have been cleared on time. The ideal way of clearing this condition is by being punctual with payments. Also, it is suggested that you avoid missing deadlines on the dues of your credit cards as well as the EMIs. You have the option of keeping a track of the credit record by having proper knowledge regarding the bills as well as repayment dues. 
Existing debts
If you have more than a single debt associated with your name, the real income is going to be compared. The lender is going to subtract the repayment of the credit from the income. Based on the analysis of the lender, it will be decided whether your capacity for repayment is adequate or inadequate. In case if it is inadequate, the lender or the traditional lending institutions can refuse to offer loans to you or reject your application if you have already applied for a home loan. 
Address on the list of defaulters
In most cases, individuals move to addresses that were rented by other people, who might have not paid the bills that were due or missed clearing their loan amounts. Also, if the previous owner gives the same address to the banks or the previous creditors, the address has been listed within the database of defaulters. This is responsible for decreasing the chances of approval of the home loan. 
Job stability
If you keep changing your job frequently, it can have a bad impression on your lenders. Lenders prefer job stability because it is considered to be one of the main objectives of approving home loans. Lenders insist that everybody needs to be employed in one particular organization or firm for 3 years to receive approval for home loans. In case if there is any problem with your organization where you are employed, the home loan is going to be rejected. 
Age when you are applying
If your age is close to the age of retirement, your home loan is going to be rejected. The reason behind this is that lenders believe that once you reach the age of retirement, you do not have the capability of repaying the loan. Some lenders can indeed offer short-term home loans but the interest rate is going to be high. Therefore, it can be said that the age of the borrower is going to play an important role when the home loan application is being considered. 
Credit score
It is your responsibility to keep the credit score high as it is responsible for playing an important role in receiving approval for your home loan. You need to make sure that your credit score is ideal when you are applying for a home loan. It has to be above 750, as stated by
Previously rejected applications
Your credit report will also be responsible for recording incidents where you have already received rejections for your home loans. These incidents become an important part of the credit record. Therefore, you have to know whether your application will be rejected before you are even applying for a home loan. This will help you to decide whether you should apply for a home loan in any other bank. This will ensure that you are correcting the mistakes and you are not repeating your errors when you are applying for a home loan. Visit the website of to know more. 
Income tax return filing
You must file an income tax return every year, whether or not you receive an income tax form from your employer. Every lender is going to check for clear track records of filing your income tax return for the previous two years before they approve your home loan application. Therefore, if you miss filing for your income tax return, you are going to suffer because your home loan application is going to be rejected. For more you can calculate your income tax by using
Suitable property for security
You need to know that the lenders might not accept the different kinds of residential properties as securities for your home loan. Properties that are responsible for having a great resale value, a stable price, etc., are always going to be in demand because they can be sold easily. Therefore, when you are choosing the property, do not go for old properties. Also, check whether the property that you are selecting has been constructed by a trusted and reputed builder. Make sure that all the documents are submitted to you as and when required. If there is an issue with the property that you are selecting, your home loan application will be rejected. 
Mismatched signature
It is your responsibility to make sure that you are signing all the documents by making use of the same signature that is attached in all your documents. This is crucial when you are applying for home loans. If there is any mismatch, the application will be rejected. 
Home loan applications can be rejected if you are not meeting the requirements. Consider the factors that have been mentioned above so that you can make sure that you are avoiding these unwanted mistakes. 

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