10 Medical Properties Of Marijuana

10 Medical Properties Of Marijuana
10 Medical Properties Of Marijuana

The legalization of medical marijuana sees the rise of many
benefits. The public firmly believes in the benefits and pushing for further
legalization of the whole plant, especially for medicinal uses. It stems from
the fact that even the National Institute on Drug Abuse or the NIH has a
detailed list of the different uses/ benefit that medical cannabis has to
offer. Here are the significant benefits of medical marijuana.

1. Boosts Immune Systems

Think of any medical condition that affects your immune
systems. Diseases such as HIV and AIDS, Multiple sclerosis, among others, the
healthy compounds in cannabis limit their effects on your immune system. It
prevents their spread by forming a bond with the endocannabinoid system that
protects your immunity by helping you fight the symptoms and results of the
Besides, CBD is a major compound in cannabis, and cannabis
seeds contain terpenes that have different benefits to the body. It delivers different
nutrients and vitamins to different areas of the body that enhance your immune
system. Thus, you enjoy better health with improved dietary supplements that
are all-natural.

2. Prevents The Spread Of Alzheimer’s

THC is another primary compound in cannabis. It has many
medical benefits putting aside its recreational use. According to different
studies, the mixture shows its potential in limiting and stopping the spread of
the effects of Alzheimer’s.
This cannabis-derived compound is the most dominant content
in many cannabis plants that delays amyloid plaques from production. Preventing
their production prevents the continuous degeneration that comes with
Alzheimer’s on the brain cells. With the delays in the process, people feel
much better, and the effects may stop with continuous treatment of the disease.

3. Provides Relief From Pain

10 Medical Properties Of Marijuana
10 Medical Properties Of Marijuana

indicate that cannabis can provide relief from chronic pain and inflammation.
Also, it aids in relieving joint pain and aches that result from arthritis and
other medical conditions of the bones, such as osteoporosis.

As a result, its use has increased over time to help
individuals overcome pain. For individuals facing chemotherapy, cannabis can
alleviate the pain associated with the process. Besides, it also improves the
effects of chemotherapy, such as loss of appetite and nausea. Thus, you enjoy
your favorite meal and remain in control of your health at all times.

4. Reduces The Progression Of

Cannabidiol helps in preventing an increase in seizures for
epileptic patients. Also, it reduces the number of seizures one goes through to
a minimal, improving the quality of life they live. Cannabidiol is effective in
treating children with different medical conditions, especially seizures according
to various medical
reports and studies

5. Improves Mental Disorders

10 Medical Properties Of Marijuana
10 Medical Properties Of Marijuana
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People suffering from anxiety, depression, and other
psychiatric disorders may find relief in using cannabis-based products.
Cannabis reduces stress by promoting a calming and profoundly relaxing
therapeutic environment. For mental patients suffering from nightmares and
insomnia, marijuana helps induce sleep, ensuring that you reach the random eye
movement sleeping stage. Thus, individuals wake after having enough rest.

6. Slows Down Cancer Progression

10 Medical Properties Of Marijuana
10 Medical Properties Of Marijuana

Research studies indicate that CBD prevents the progression
of cancer cells in the body. The compound prevents the functionality of the
gene that links cancer to the body (ID-1). The cannabis-derived compound
reduces these cells, limiting the aggressiveness of cancer cells. As a result,
it limits the spread providing relief to cancer patients.

Further studies indicate that CBD is effective in slowing
down cancer cell growth for different tumors in the brain, the lungs, and
breasts. Therefore, you might consider using this fantastic compound to get
some relief by stopping its spread in your body.

7. Provides Relief From Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a medical condition that results from nerve
damage as a result of increased pressure in the eyeball. It may result in
complete vision loss for individuals diagnosed with this condition. The
increased pressure results in pressure in the eyes’ optic nerves, causing
vision loss.
Cannabis lowers the levels of the intraocular pressure,
thus, dissipating the possibilities of nerve damage. Studies show that smoking
weed levels pressure to normal standards, thus eliminating the chances of
contracting glaucoma.

8. Treats Dravet Syndrome

10 Medical Properties Of Marijuana
10 Medical Properties Of Marijuana
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Studies show that cannabidiol can manage different types of
medical diseases, including Dravet Syndrome. Reviews of the young girl
Charlotte Figi shows the use of medical cannabis high in cannabidiol content.
The results indicate an improvement in the number of times the child suffered
from seizures.

According to the study, the girl had over 300 seizures in a
single week. After starting treatment using CBD, they dropped to about one
seizure in a week, which was an immense improvement and advancement in the
medical treatment of the condition. Medical professionals indicate that using
cannabidiol lessens brain activity that causes such seizures.

9. Supports Hepatitis C Treatment

Treating hepatitis C is harsh and can result in many side
effects on the patients. These side effects include:
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Depression
  • Low appetite levels
As a result, people tend to discontinue their treatment,
which not only impacts negatively on their health but also can be lethal.
Cannabis comes in to limit some of these side effects from occurring. As a
result, patients can continue with their treatment. By keeping the viral impact
of hepatitis C down, individuals feel much relief and, therefore, proceed with
the treatment options.

10. Helps With Inflammatory Bowel

Studies show that cannabis can help in treating ulcerative
colitis and Crohn’s diseases and other inflammatory bowel diseases. Marijuana
interacts with cells that promote better functions in your gut while at the
same time, improving on your immune system. As a result, you enjoy better
metabolism and enhances your digestive functions.


Cannabis, as a form of medical treatment, can deliver many
benefits. However, it is crucial to identify a strain that works for you. You
can even buy weed online these days, ensure
that you purchase your cannabis products from a reputable source only. Remember
to seek more information on cannabis and the medical condition you want to
treat or seek professional assistance before you proceed.


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