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Best Eyeliner In India Under 1000

Best Eyeliner In India Under 1000
Best Eyeliner In India Under 1000
Eyeliner has become a vital part of the beauty routine. Be it a natural look for office purposes or the cat-eye for parties, eyeliner serves all the needs. It makes the eyes and lashes look longer. The eye color tends to pop out with its use and you can say goodbye to tired eyes. Moreover, eyeliners now come in various colors that look so appealing and can be used for experimentation of looks. The only thing scary about eyeliner is the amount of practice one needs to draw those perfect lines around the lashes. Shaky and unsteady hands will only make matters worse. The application of eyeliner can be very tricky and difficult for some but if a person knows the foolproof tricks, they can easily be a beauty guru.

Before buying the eyeliner, it is important to know which one is the best for you. Below given is a concise guide on the different types of eyeliner available in the market.

Gel Eyeliner

This type of eyeliner is best for making those artistic cat-eye looks that look classy and beautiful. They usually come in a small tub packaging with a brush that is to be used for the application. Angles brushes work the best for the application of the gel eyeliner. They might seem intimidating but they give the best finish that looks precise and clean. The creamy consistency of these eyeliners makes it easy in application and the person is in control. The problem with these is that they dry out easily which can be annoying. Moreover, the brushes need to be cleaned every now and then so that no infections are caused.

Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner, even the best eyeliner in India, scares many and most people avoid it, but it is the best choice for getting those clean swoops or flicks. All it requires is preciseness. These come in several forms and a person can choose from what suits their budget. Pens with felt-tips are more popular because they are easier to use. To apply it, the person needs to draw the outline of the shape and then fill it in using the applicator. The thin brushes are great for creating sharp or subtle lines and detailing. The downside of using these eyeliners is that liquid consistency can often be messy and may not be the best choice for someone with shaky hands.

Pencil Eyeliner

These eyeliner are the easiest to use as they are used to trace along upper and lower lash lines. They do not look too harsh and are best for subtle everyday looks. The smoky look can easily be achieved with the help of these by smudging the applied product a little. They can also be used to add darkness to the water lines and lashes. Unlike liquid eyeliner, they save time in the application. The disadvantage of using a pencil eyeliner is the sharpness of the pencil that has to be maintained at all times to give a smooth and clean look. They can also feel harsh and painful on the skin sometimes.

Makeup and cosmetics, as appreciated as they are for enhancing features, contain chemicals and toxins that could be harmful. People are becoming more conscious about the ingredients of the makeup products that they use and are leaning towards organic cosmetics beauty products. Apart from the ingredients, the price of the product is also an important factor. Some of the best eyeliner in India that contain safe ingredients and are affordable are:
  • Biotique Almond Kajal
  • MyGlamm Kajal-Eyeliner in Jet Black
  • SoulTree Pure Balck Kajal
  • Ruby's Organics Smoked Kohl + Eye Liner – Black

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