Common Symptoms Of Narcolepsy | How Can You Reduce Its Effects?

Common Symptoms Of Narcolepsy | How Can You Reduce Its Effects?
Common Symptoms Of Narcolepsy | How Can You Reduce Its Effects?

Narcolepsy is a neurological and
sleep disorder in which an individual can’t control its movement in sleep or
wakefulness. Narcolepsy isn’t dangerous itself. However, its effects can be
life-threatening. In this condition, the patient usually feels sleeplessness at
night. In the day time, the patient falls asleep while walking, driving,
studying or working in the office. If a person falls asleep while driving on
the road, then he can cause a threat to his and other people life.
If a patient experiences this
condition for more than a month, he should visit the doctor for medical
attention. This condition can also become severe. In addition, this condition
causes daytime drowsiness. In this condition, they also experience unexpected
and temporary loss of muscle control. This loss of muscle control is quiet
threatening and can also cause a threat to the patient’s life. Narcolepsy is a
condition which is less common than other sleep disorders.

Types Of Narcolepsy

There are two major types of
Narcolepsy. These types include Narcolepsy with cataplexy and type 2 is
Narcolepsy without cataplexy. According to a survey, the most common type of
Narcolepsy is Cataplexy. This condition is more common in children.

Common Symptoms
Of Narcolepsy

The symptoms of Narcolepsy can
vary according to the condition and severity of the disorder. However, common
symptoms include:
Significant Daytime Sleepiness – Daytime drossiness is probably the
first and common symptom of Narcolepsy. It decreases the ability to perform
daily tasks. Furthermore, it also affects the efficiency of doing work.
Cataplexy – In this condition, the patient experienced a sudden but
temporary loss of muscle tone. This condition usually occurs due to intense
emotions. These intense emotions might include laughter, fear, anger and
excitement. Narcolepsy with cataplexy usually occurs due to
Hallucination – This is a less common condition. However, over time
it can become a common condition. This happens when a patient falls asleep or
during walking. For example, a victim might see strangers in bedrooms, which
never occurs.
Sleep Paralysis – People with Narcolepsy often experience an
inability to move or speak while falling asleep. This is a temporary condition
and lasts for a few seconds. However, this condition can become a cause of the
accident while driving a vehicle.


Researchers are unable to find
the exact cause of Narcolepsy. However, they give a statement that people who
have type 1 narcolepsy have a low level of hypocretin in their brain.
Hypocretin is a chemical in the brain to regulate helpfulness and rapid eye
movement sleep.
Hypocretin is extremely low in
people who have cataplexy. You can also say that hypocretin level decreases in
the brain due to cataplexy.


There are a few risk factors that
can develop or contribute to Narcolepsy. These factors include:
Age – narcolepsy can develop in people of 10 to 30 year age.
Family History – Risk of Narcolepsy can raise up to 40% if one of
your family members has Narcolepsy.


Obesity – People who have Narcolepsy is usually overweight. This
may happen due to low metabolism.
Physical Harm – Physical harm can occur during sleep attack. If you
are driving a vehicle sleep attack can cause you physical damage.
Public Misunderstanding – Narcolepsy can cause a severe problem in
your professional and personal life.
Interference With Intimate Relationship – Intense feelings such as
the feeling of anger or joy can cause affect.


Many researchers state that
Narcolepsy in unburnable. Patients of Narcolepsy might suffer from this
condition for the whole life. However, in the treatment, you can decrease its
effects and symptoms and can improve daytime functioning. To increase sleep
quality at night, you can use medication. You can also buy Zopiclone
tablets online
to increase disorders related to sleep.
Increasing bright light exposure
at daytime can also help you to decrease sleep-related problems. The patient
who has Narcolepsy should also avoid alcohol intake before going to bed.

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