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How To Keep A Germ-Free Gym (Infographic)

Keep Your Clients Happy And Healthy By Regularly Cleaning Your Gym.

The Link Between Gym Hygiene And Health

Numerous viruses, funguses and infectious diseases can easily spread through gym equipment. As such, the overall cleanliness level of a gym has an impact on the health of both staff and customers. Therefore, it’s key to keep up hygienic practices and policies in order to minimise exposure to illness-causing germs and bacteria.

A Clean Gym = Satisfied Customers

The cleanliness of the gym has a major effect on customer satisfaction levels. According to a survey by the International Health, Racquet & Sports Club Association, 56% of gym members expect their gym to be free of germs. What’s more, gyms that are perceived to be dirty are far more likely to have lower satisfaction levels and customer retention rates. As such, it’s important to dedicate a good amount of money, time and resources into cleaning and maintenance activities.

What Can Gym-Goers Do To Ensure A Germ-Free Gym Sesh?

When individuals share a space, it is only good manners to maintain good hygiene habits. As such, it is recommended that gym-goers wipe down equipment after use with an antibacterial solution. It is also advised that you wash your hands at the beginning and end of each workout.

Learn More

If you would like to improve the overall hygiene and cleanliness levels at your gym, then you should certainly take a look at the below infographic which comes courtesy of the team at The Cleaning Services Group. This infographic includes a brief overview of germs at the gym as well as ten personal hygiene tips for gym-goers.  It also outlines the business benefits of keeping a clean gym and offers a handy checklist for gym owners.

Scroll Down To The Infographic To Find Out More Today.

How To Keep A Germ-Free Gym (Infographic)
How To Keep A Germ-Free Gym (Infographic)

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