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Top 5 Simple Yet Effective Makeup Tips, Tricks and Techniques

If you are here, then it means that makeup is very important for you. And so should it be, as looking beautiful does not only mean looking beautiful in order to please other people, it is also about making you a happier and more confident person. However, what happens when you do not have sufficient time to put on your makeup and go out of the house? Or when you are simply fed up with the way you have been putting on makeup so far? If this is the case, stay tuned as we will list you 5 very simple yet quite effective makeup techniques to hide your imperfections, or simply give a bit more depth to your final result. So, basically, a couple of tips and tricks for all our friends out there. Take a look:

1. Hide your dark circles
If you have dark circles around your eyes, then you have to know that simply putting on primer and foundation before your makeup is not enough. You need to cover your dark circles, and luckily, it is not very difficult, but you have to know how to do that. What you need is a good concealer that will be put on your under-eye circles. The creamier the formula, the better the results. What you should also pay attention to is the color of the concealer - too white will make your eyes look bigger and weirder, while too dark concealers will not get the job done. Once you choose the right hue, make sure to blend the concealer using your ring finger, or a beauty blender.

2. Color pop
One of the biggest trends at the moment is a pop of color. We are not only talking about fashion trends, but this is a huge thing in the makeup world as well. For example, if you choose to go with a black liner, make sure that you use a good eyeshadow palette that has the brightest colors possible. If you want to go with a smokey eye, though, choose something very strong and dominant for your lip. You probably have your favorite brand, and the good thing is that you can shop your favorite cosmetics from the comfort of your home as well, as you can practically order anything online. However, make sure that you go with a high-quality brand (not necessarily the popular ones - there are minor brands that are as good as the big ones). Find a brand that creates the craziest and the best lipsticks and eyeshadows and go with them.

3. Cheeks with color
One of the popular things right now are to have rosy cheeks, and if you do not have such naturally, then it might mean that you will have to make them yourself. Luckily for you, this is not a difficult endeavor - try a cream blush, or apply a quality eyeshadow on your cheeks and tap it around using your ring finger.

4. A brow touch-up
Even though makeup is very important, it seems that our brows are even more important than makeup. This is why plenty of girls simply rock their flawless eyebrows without any makeup whatsoever. So, wearing makeup or not wearing makeup, you really have to pay special attention to your brows. They can change your face, so make sure to choose one of the styles that are very popular at the moment. Fill any gaps that you might be having and use an eyebrow gel in order to brush them a bit up.

5. Balance matters
You might want very bright eyes and very bright lips, and use a nice, pale powder, but you have to bear in mind that balance is what makes your result. If you opt for bright eyes, do not experiment a lot with your lips. It also works the other way around: if you want to use a lipstick and a lip liner that are bold and colorful, you might want to opt for a nude eye or even a subtle, smokey one if that is your cup of tea. Do not overdo it, as nobody likes makeup looks that are very colorful and attacking.

Perhaps you have been familiar with some of these tricks, but if not, these can literally save your life. On top of it all, make sure that you use high-quality makeup, as this is how the best makeup looks will be achieved. Good luck!

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