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Why Brands Are Using Private Instagram Accounts

Why Brands Are Using Private Instagram Accounts
Why Brands Are Using Private Instagram Accounts
Instagram is one of the most significant social media platforms now. Many businesses, be it a start-up or an established one, are using this platform to boost their business and increase conversion rate. It has been proved via various surveys that Instagram is an effective platform for bringing in more customers, indeed. In recent times, it has been noticed that many public Instagram accounts are now setting their profiles to private. This means, all the contents of that profile are hidden. If anyone urges to check the profile, he/she must follow the page.

Pros And Cons Of Private Instagram Accounts For Brands

You may now think that this may bring more followers to the page and as a result, more conversion rates will be ensured. It has become a world trend now to make the Instagram account private or create a private account from the beginning. Scroll down to know whether it is a worthy decision and you should follow the same for your brand.

Benefits Of Private Instagram Account

Many businesses have found it quite beneficial to create a private Instagram account. Know why this decision is wise and beneficial.

Benefits Of Private Instagram Account
Benefits Of Private Instagram Account

1. Boost Curiosity Among The Followers:

It goes without saying that the non-followers will automatically get curious to see the content of the page. If you have a catchy business name, with an attractive image and tagline, people will tend to follow the page. Private accounts give them a feeling that the contents that are hidden are exclusive, and they are missing something essential. The fear of missing out will be felt by the non-followers when you launch any new product and keep it private. This is a brilliant way to increase followers on your website.

2. It Increases The Retention Rate:

In case of private Instagram accounts, you get a notification if anyone wants to unfollow you. In public profiles, anyone can unfollow you at any moment. But, in case of private, the scenario is different. Your followers will get a notification whether they are sure about unfollowing your page. In this case, your customers will think twice before leaving the page. Thus, it can be said that the retention rate is higher with private Instagram accounts.

3. You Keep Adherence To The Trend

Social media trends are changing every now and then. Therefore, it is expected from every brand to follow the trend. Keeping Instagram account private is the new trend of this social media platform. This is the way you indirectly tell your customers that content are valuable to you than the reach. Your followers also feel that even the content you share is especially for them as they are members of the closed group.

4. You Are In Control

As you maintain a private account, you have the authority to choose the kind of customers for your brand. You can also decide whether the customer urges to follow your brand need your product or not. This will enhance the business in the long run. By going private, you also allow your customers to have a private conversation with you. You can also quickly review any troll or ban them easily. In a nutshell, private accounts help you to make your Instagram profile clean and trendy.

5. Increase Of Followers’ List

Increase Of Followers’ List
Increase Of Followers’ List
You can increase the followers when you make your account private. Moreover, you can also ensure that your profile will be full of organic customers. You can weed out the unwanted followers and keep your profile safe. When the followers share your post, other non-followers may also want to check your contents. In that case, there is an assurance of an increase of followers in your account.

However, as every decision and policy have certain cons, private Instagram accounts are also not exceptional. Check out the different cons that private Instagram accounts can have.

What’s not right with a private account on Instagram?

  • Risk of getting unfollowed by the customers:
Apart from curiosity, there may be no other reasons for the customers to follow you. Sometimes, it may also happen that if your contents are not relatable, your customers can unfollow you then and there.

  • Business accounts cannot be made as private:
If you have a business account on Instagram, you have to make it personal. Otherwise, switching from a business account to private is not possible.

  • Your contents can go missing:
In private accounts, your contents can be missing even if you use sufficient hashtags. In that case, you have to depend solely on your followers to increase the conversion rate.
However, for many brands, social media is a public platform from where the brand should be presented appropriately to impress the customers. Therefore, making the Instagram account private is inevitable.

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