5 Must-Have Plugins To Optimize Your WordPress Site’s Speed

5 Must-Have Plugins To Optimize Your WordPress Site's Speed
5 Must-Have Plugins To Optimize Your WordPress Site’s Speed
A few days ago, one of my friends came to me and told me
that he is going to shut down his blog.
I asked for the reason.
Then he replied that his WordPress website is too slow, and
he does not know how he could optimize his website to increase the website’s
Then I analyzed the speed of his website and found that the
speed of the website in GT Metrix and Page Speed Insight and was plodding.
After analyzing the speed of the website, I activated a few
WordPress plugins to increase the speed. After that, the outcome was quite
amazing. The website speed increase by 40%.
Seeing this, my friend was thrilled, and he thanked me a
So guys, today, in this article, I will focus on the best
five WordPress plugins, which I used on my friend website to increase the speed
of the website up to 40 %. If you use these five plugins on your WordPress
website, I can guarantee you that it will boost your website speed as well.
So let us check the top 5 WordPress Speed Optimization
plugins, which you should opt for your WordPress blog and is highly
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Wp Rocket:

Wp Rocket is amongst the best speed optimization plugins.
The main reason is that it has all in 1 solution. If you are using this plugin,
then you do not have to use any extra plugins for increasing the website’s
The reason why I am telling this because it contains all the
features combined with other speed optimization plugins, which we use
collectively to increase our website’s speed. Important features which are
included in WP-Rocket are Cache Preloading, Sitemap Preloading, Gzip
Compression, Browser Caching, Database Optimization, Google Fonts Optimization,
and Remove Query Strings from Static Resources, Lazyload, and many more
As I said to you already, the importance of using this
plugin is that it has all the features under its belt, which many plugins do
not provide. But to be said, it does not have the free version, to use the
WP-Rocket Features you would have to purchase this plugin.
Do not worry; I would let you know the free plugins in this
article as well, which you can use to optimize your website or blog.
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You can use WP-Smush to compress and reduce the size of the
images. It has both the free version and pro version as well. If you have a
tight budget, you can use this plugin to compress your all images available on
the website.
If you compare WP-Smush with all other WordPress image
compressors, then you will come to know that it is amongst the best plugins
that compress the images easily.
The most crucial benefit of using WP-Smush is that it
soothes and reduces the dimensions of all of the images.
 If you go with the
premium version of the plugin, then you would be able to avail of its advanced
features, such as you would be able to reduce the size of the large file size
images up to 32 MB. Also, it would help you to optimize images automatically in
bulk, which you have uploaded on to your website.
If you have a budget, then I would suggest you to choose
WP-Smush plugin to compress images because the premium version is worth


The next one I’d like to talk about with you will be
WP-Optimize. WP-Rocket does have this attribute, but if you’re searching for a
completely free choice, you may always go for WP-Optimize. This free plugin
will help you to clean your website’s database. It helps in erasing junk files,
revision, and congestion in the database.


If you have WP Rocket for your website, then you do not need
to install Lazyload because, as I mentioned earlier that WP-Rocket is a
one-stop solution for increasing the website’s speed. If you cannot afford it,
then I would suggest you go for Lazyload plugins. The important functionality
of the plugin is that it displays the images little afterward
If you visit any blog or website, and if you find that
images pop up gradually after the text, then you can understand it is happening
due to Lazyload.
There are different plugins on the market, but I believe
that LazyLoad is the best among the rest of the plugins. It is possible to do
your homework on LazyLoad with four to five different plugins that do precisely
the exact same thing.

Wp Total Cache:

If you are looking for a cache plugin, then it is good to go
for WP Total Cache. Let me tell you that for most of my client websites, I use
this plugin because of its features available in the free version. It is far
better than the rest of the cache plugin such as WP Fastest Cache and WP Super
Cache plugin.
As these plugins are available in both free and premium
versions, I would recommend you to test three of them, and according to your
requirement, you can select any of the tree plugins of your choice.
I use the free version of the WP Total Cache plugin, and
that’s good, so if you want, you can experiment with these cache plugins.


So according to me, these are the best 5 WordPress plugins
that you can use for your WordPress site to raise the speed. I used these free
plugins in my friend’s blog, and it works wonderfully. So in last, I would
recommend you try out these plugins for a few weeks and then analyze your
website and see the result.
Also, I would suggest you to buy the premium version of
those plugins to get the more excellent outcome.
If you’re using any other plugins which I have mentioned
above, you can let me know in the below comment section so that it will help
both of us to upgrade our skills, and it will help in information flow.
If you enjoyed this insightful Info, I would request that
you should recommend to your buddies that are confronting the issue with
Website speed optimization.
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