7 Amazing iPad Apps for the Apple Pencil


Every leading and stunning mobile
app is specifically designed to work perfectly with the Apple pencil. By using
the Apple Pencil, you can quickly change your iPad into a spectacular tablet
with a seamless pointing device. If you are frequently managing tasks related
to drawing, designing graphics, or editing pictures, then download these
incredible iPad apps.

1. Notability

7 Amazing iPad Apps for the Apple Pencil
7 Amazing iPad Apps for the Apple Pencil

As a power-pack and easy
note-taking app, Notability is considered the best-paid apps on the app store.
It can help you quickly streamline your everyday workflow by dragging and
dropping files, entertaining website pages, pictures, or text. You can use
Notability for various purposes whether it is taking lecture notes, creating
comprehensive graphs, or checking previous notes. With the help of Notability,
you can multitask seamlessly by using two notes at the same time.


  • Using iCloud to synchronize
    notes on your Apple device
  • Quickly browse handwritten notes
    from the entire library
  • Features left-aligned typing
    with various types of font colors and sizes
  • Easy drag-and-drop handwriting
    with detailed notes and images

    2. Linea

    7 Amazing iPad Apps for the Apple Pencil
    7 Amazing iPad Apps for the Apple Pencil

    If you need the perfect mix of
    creativity, control, and power, then download Linea Sketch for an amazing
    experience. Linea Sketch offers you the ability to simply doodle anything you
    want using a wide array of transform tools, automatic ruler, various layers,
    and grids. Use the Apple Pencil on Linea Sketch which has a canvas-based
    approach with effortless scrolling. With the help of Linea Sketch, you can
    create many different types of canvases. Use the grid tools to create a perfect
    sketch or taking endless notes.


    • Easily available
    • Quick drag-and-drop color
      swatches using different apps
    • Synchronize every sketch across
      all Apple devices
    • Wide array of grids, creative
      storyboards, stunning templates, or isometric lines
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      3. Pixelmator

      7 Amazing iPad Apps for the Apple Pencil
      7 Amazing iPad Apps for the Apple Pencil

      Whether you are an artist or want
      to capture your thoughts, get Pixelmator, an easy-to-use and super intuitive
      image editor. Use Pixelmator to add and organize pictures, make different kinds
      of shapes, develop an empty storyboard, or add text without any hassle. But
      using Apple Pencil can add an extra layer of creativity where you can perfectly
      single out part of the images that you wish to edit any way you want. Whether
      you are using crayons or calligraphy, select different kinds of brushes to draw


      • Use metal-based distort tools to
        easily pinch, twirl, wrap, or bump certain areas of an image
      • Paint bold and enticing pictures
        on your iPad
      • Blend artwork, texts, and images
        using the Apple Pencil
      • Save and edit Photoshop images
        on your fingertips

        4. Apple

        7 Amazing iPad Apps for the Apple Pencil
        7 Amazing iPad Apps for the Apple Pencil

        When it comes to note-taking
        apps, Apple Notes might not be in the best league but has a simple and
        user-friendly design. Before you start using the Apple Pencil on any app on the
        app store, try using built-in Apple Notes. Download Apple Notes and just start
        doodling on your new iPad by scribbling and drawing any type of note you
        desire. Click the lasso tool icon to draw anything on the notes and you will be
        able to pick up where you are left off.


        • Create and arrange notes on your
          Apple devices
        • Add an attachment, image or
        • See the notes in the form of a
        • Keep the notes secure

          Goodnotes 5

          7 Amazing iPad Apps for the Apple Pencil
          7 Amazing iPad Apps for the Apple Pencil

          If you are looking for a modern
          version of the first note-taking mobile app on an iPad, then download GoodNotes
          5 for better usage. Some people prefer writing on a yellow pad for better
          visibility and you can experience similar feelings while using GoodNotes 5.
          This amazing app has endless scrolling option which is best suited for people
          who love taking long notes. With the help of GoodNotes 5, you can create
          countless folders and notes.

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          • Create notes using the Apple
          • Synchronize all notes across all
            Apple devices
          • Resize and rotate any type of
          • Pick from a range of tools,
            colors, or fonts

            6. Procreate

            7 Amazing iPad Apps for the Apple Pencil
            7 Amazing iPad Apps for the Apple Pencil

            Whether you have the talent to
            create, draw, sketch or not, Procreate’s amazing user interface can help you in
            creating something spectacular. This app is designed specifically for painting
            and drawing while you are commuting or feeling bored at home. Procreate has
            numerous pressure-sensitive brushes, tailored features, seamless responses, and
            an ability to create high-definition canvasses. Even if you are not an artist,
            consider downloading Procreate to experience how easy it is to draw and paint


            • Featured with several stunningly
              beautiful brushes
            • Build your own Procreate brushes
              and access over 25 blend modes
            • Fill your art with bold and attractive
            • Comprehensively optimized for
              the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro

              7. Pigment

              7 Amazing iPad Apps for the Apple Pencil
              7 Amazing iPad Apps for the Apple Pencil

              Do you work around the clock?
              Then use the Apple Pencil to color versatile drawing on Pigment. Not only
              coloring shapes can help you reduce stress but can enhance focus and mental
              acuity. As an award-winning coloring app with various features, Pigment allows
              you to access up to 4,000 completely illustrated pages. Whether you want to use
              blur, merge brushes, watercolor, or oil, there are many ways to share your true
              creation using the Apple Pencil.


              • Access professional range of
                colors and designs
              • Get inspiration in the Pigment
                Gallery to share your creative work via Instagram, Facebook, email, or text
              • Use Apple Pencil to carefully
                adjust pressure, brush direction, and stroke size.

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