7 Tips On Cleaning Your Living Room Rug

We all desire to have sleek décor
in our living space, for instance, the sitting area or the dining space and
bedroom. Rugs accentuate these open living spaces. As time goes by, these rugs
fade with dirt and grime, which decreases the glamour of the decorated rooms.
Especially in high-traffic zones within our house, these rugs get dirty very
fast. So, to avoid any last-minute work, get the same vacuumed weekly.
Otherwise, for the stained or heavily dirty ones, clean these with
rug-shampoos. You can keep these rugs squeaky clean by following these tips, as
given below. These tips will enable you to become aware of the various ways to
deep-clean the same, along with stain removal techniques. The seven handy tips
on cleaning your living room rug will be thus beneficial in the long run. So,
read on further.

Vacuum The
Rug From Both Sides:

7 Tips On Cleaning Your Living Room Rug
7 Tips On Cleaning Your Living Room Rug
Vacuum, the top and bottom side
of the area rugs. Push the vacuum machine back and forth across the rug’s top
surface and suck-up the loose debris and dirt. With the help of parallel
strokes, repeat the process at least once a week. Adjust the vacuum knob under
the thickness of the rug. This very knob controls the dirt suctioning power.
For instance, while getting your shag-rug vacuumed, you should remember to turn
off the machine’s beater- bar, so that the long fibre on the shag-rug does not
get torn. Always prefer that vacuum machine
with a beater-bar
to clean the same. Baking soda acts like magic when
sprinkled on the same and let it stay before vacuuming every time. It will also
deodorize your much-favoured rug. While we never have the inkling of looking
underside of the rug, these all surfaces get dirty also. Once done with the top
portion, turn the rug upside down, and clean it applying similar techniques, as

Shake The
Rugs Outdoors And Brush Out Unruly Dirt:

7 Tips On Cleaning Your Living Room Rug
7 Tips On Cleaning Your Living Room Rug
Get hold of a stiff brush to
clean out your pet’s unwanted hair and adamant dirt from your rugs. If the rug
happens to be small, measuring less than 4-5 feet in diameter, carry it outside
your house. Hold tightly from one edge of the rug, and shake it vigorously. It
will dislodge the stubborn dirt, food particles, or pieces of paper stuck
between the rug fibre. Beat the same using a broom to let the remaining dust
particles out. Till the time the air surrounding the rug does not come out
clear, you should keep on beating. But then, do not do the same with an old or an
expensive rug. It is always safer to shake the rug outside your living space to
keep the rug-fibre going strong. Most of us are pet-lovers. And depending on
that, you should clean your rug with a stiff-bristled brush to remove the
unwanted lingering pet hair. Try purchasing a brush with a stiff plastic brush,
which is readily available at any good hardware shop. But avoid the metal ones,
as they will tear up your favourite rug.

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Spray The Rug With A Garden Hose:

The rug shampoo always works well
on wet rug-fibres. Wet the rug with adequate water for at least 30-40 seconds.
Since the entire thing saturates, soak the whole with the aid of a hose-pipe.
Plan the whole activity on a sun-lit day, to get the best result. Winters are
bad, so is monsoon, as they will get weather-beaten badly. Around 9 to 10
bucketful of water acts as another good option if you do not have a hose-pipe.

Apply Rug
Shampoo And Go For A Patch-Test Before Cleaning:

Purchase a rug shampoo after
confirming the material from the tag attached below the same. You will find the
tag somewhere below the rug, which has the details of its content. While
shopping for a shampoo, read the specifications very carefully. The shampoo
should be following your rug fibre. Specific rug material starts to react while
applying these shampoos. You have to be extra cautious and double-check the rug
fibre before cleaning it. Pour a small amount at a one-inch portion of the rug
and leave it aside for a couple of hours. If the area does not get dis-coloured,
you can carry on the process of cleaning
the rug
with the shampoo.

Use A
Soft-Bristled Brush To Deep-Shampoo The Rug:

7 Tips On Cleaning Your Living Room Rug
7 Tips On Cleaning Your Living Room Rug
While shampooing your rug, follow
the procedure very carefully. Squeeze out the required amount onto a wet rug,
and mix it well with the help of a soft-bristled brush. You have to scrub the
rug’s top surface till it gets covered with thick foam. Concentrate on the
stained areas to get rid of it fast. For instance, imply the process of mud or
food-stained rugs to clean it faster. Once done, with the help of the
hose-pipe, spray the rug from both sides. Continue with the process, till the
time the suds and the bubbles get washed-off.

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Remove Excess
Water With The Help Of A Sponge:

Run a sponge to remove the extra
water from the rug. It will also speed up the drying process. The sponge
presses out the excess water from the rug material, with utmost care. You will
get the same at any hardware or home improvement store. Later, for drying, lay
the rug flat, outside your residence. The place has to be clean. Otherwise, the
dirt of the ground gets inside the wet rug-fibres. Keep a constant check, and
flip one side of the area rug when it dries, to let the other side dry faster.
Floor fans are an excellent and helpful option for drying the rug quickly. When
the rug dries up, give it a couple of shakes to make it look fluffy. Later the
clean area rug is ready to get placed at the favourite corner or room.

Extra Care
For Oriental And Area Rugs:

7 Tips On Cleaning Your Living Room Rug
7 Tips On Cleaning Your Living Room Rug
Any Oriental or area rugs give an
extra boost to our kitchen or dining space. They are the most popular ones seen
in most of our living habitats. Thus, you should also learn
more about oriental & area rug cleaning
, as they require more
attention, as compared to the simple ones. Vacuum the same in a similar
process, as applied for the standard rugs or woollen ones. But in this case,
you have to be extra-protective. Cover the entire rug with a nylon-screen and
weigh it down with heavy objects. Then vacuum the screen, from the above. To
make the process more manageable, tie a piece of nylon mesh on the mouth of the
vacuum attachment to suck-in the dirt and grime. But be sure of changing the
mesh frequently, as dust accumulates very fast. Many professional cleaners are
readily available, who cleans these rugs annually.

Moreover, this type of rug being
delicate; you should never allow direct sunlight on the same. It will fade when
exposed under direct sunlight. So, keep on rotating its corners, to avoid
unnecessary fading.

Be A
Smart Rug Cleaner:

Rugs act as heat absorbent during
winters. Moreover, they inject various hues and patterns in your heavenly
abode. But along with these rugs, stains, dirt, and dust also make their way.
Take extra care of the rugs to make it long-lasting. The above-discussed tips
on cleaning your living room rug act like your guiding light. It is always
necessary to prolong the rug’s life, as different fibre requires different
cleaning treatments. So, stay calm, and clean your living room rug, by availing
all possible avenues.



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