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Feeling Stressed Out? Check Those 4 Ladies Hacks and "Boo" Stress from Your Daily Life

They say that happiness is a choice, but sometimes, choosing to be happy doesn’t come easy. As a woman, life’s situations will sometimes take a toll on you, leaving you stressed and worn out. When this happens, don’t allow yourself to sink under but instead work on bringing out your happy side. 

Happiness is good not just for your emotional health but also for your physical fitness. Keeping stress at bay significantly reduces your chances of developing heart disease and stroke. It also keeps your immune system operating at optimum, hence fighting off opportunistic illnesses.

If you have a demanding lifestyle, you need to know some hacks that quickly bring you to your happy side. 

  1. Slow Down a Little
Women tend to get wrapped up in all the things they have to accomplish in a day. Even before they're finished with the task at hand, they're already thinking of what's coming next. This way, stress builds up because they feel they must be perfect in their balancing act. Your body will have other damages if you let it spin in never-ending circles of stress. Try to have a hiking day in nature to boost your mind with oxygen - it can help lowering stress levels.

If this sounds like you, it’s time you slowed down a bit. Being so harsh on yourself doesn’t make things any better. Taking time off your demanding schedule allows you to rejuvenate and prepare for the next phase of life. Taking as frequent naps as possible in-between all you have to do will boost your energy levels.

If power naps can't fit in your schedule, ensure you get enough night rest. You should sleep for a minimum of 6 hours daily.
2.                 Drink Water
Water is a natural mood booster, and as it is, water is life. When you're well-hydrated, feelings of fatigue and anxiety tend to reduce. When your head feels heavy, the first remedy should be a glass of water or as much as possible. 

You’ll realize that it decreases headaches and also boosts concentration. When you’re more alert about what’s around you, you’re likely to feel happier. 

Add a few drops of CBD oil to your water, and you'll feel a lot better. If you don't like the taste of CBD in water, you can chew on gummies with CBD in them. CBD oil is known for its ability to bring down stress levels, among other properties.
3.                 The 4 As of Life
There’s no better way to cope with life than to avoid, alter, adapt, and accept. Life is full of both predictable and unpredictable stressors. The 4 As will come in handy when dealing with the first category. 

Always strive to avoid anything you know will cause you stress. Say no to things you don't like, stay away from nags, and avoid places that make you anxious.

When faced with situations you can't avoid, alter them in your best interest. Be willing to compromise and create a balance. Besides, learn to adapt to stressors by changing your perspective about them.

Look at the bigger picture with gratitude, and lastly, accept what you can't change. Always strive to see the positive side, forgive quickly, and practice gratitude. 
4.                 Identify the Problem

Is it any wonder that when stressed, you tend to be angry with everyone and everything around you? Effective stress management begins at the point where you separate the stressors from everything else. Being able to pick the source of your acute stress should be easy. 

The problem comes when the condition is chronic. For example, if stress is emanating from your job, it could be that it has accumulated over time. You've probably been pushing deadlines or charged with crazy targets, which are now taking a toll on you.

Whatever the stressor is, be mindful about introspecting them. You’ll be in a better position to stop projecting your frustrations to other subjects. Overall, it’ll be a great starting point in finding a solution to a stressful situation.
Final Thoughts
Women are exposed to a myriad of stressors, and they easily give in to stress compared to men.  When you know what to do when in a stressful situation, you'll be better placed to cope with life. Begin by identifying your enemy to avoid taking out your frustrations on everyone.

Most importantly, learn to avoid, accept, alter, or adapt. This will go a long way in dealing with even those situations that may sometimes be too hard for you. 

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