Yoga Exercises That Cure Pain In Legs And Knees

Yoga Exercises That Cure Pain In Legs And Knees
Yoga Exercises That Cure Pain In Legs And Knees

Pain in the legs and the joints
is a common problem today. It is found mostly among the people of ages more
than 30 years to yet older people. One of the major causes of this problem is
the fast lifestyle of the modern generation that does not promote much rest to
the legs that bear our
body weight.
Thus sore legs, tender pain in the joints and muscles and cramping are
recurrent problems.

Causes Of
The Leg Pains

Paint in the joints and leg
muscles is due to several factors. Some of these are being discussed here.


Overweight and obesity are one of
the chief causes of leg and joint pains.
Our total body mass is held by the legs and the knees, that bear the whole
weight. So, when there is an increase in
body weight
, the pressure on the legs is tremendous, which leads to pain in
the knees and the legs.


Among the various frequent
occurring diseases, the neurological problem is one such disease. It is the
dysfunction of certain nerves or inefficiency of the nerves of any particular
part of the body to carry on the regular functions, footlocker homeview.
This causes pains in the joints of
the body.


Arthritis is one of the deadly
killer diseases that are capable of transforming a healthy individual into a
lump of immobile flesh. A clear understanding of the bone structure is
necessary to know about the disease. The bones move flexibly because there is a
layer of cartilage between the joints. But due to some reason or the other,
this cartilage layer gets eroded, which causes friction between the bones as we

This condition is identified as arthritis. This erosion of bones and
cartilage causes pain in the joints. Sometimes there is also water accumulation
in between these joints, which is characterized by swelling, reddening legs joints
that are painful to touch.

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Over Exercise
And Physical Work

There is cramping in the muscles
of the legs when we undergo stannous physical work, which is characterized by
standing, or walking for long or running.
Their long duration leg works put pressure on the leg muscles that start

There are innumerable options to
cure various ailments that lead to such leg and knee pains. While you get
medicines and injections, on one hand, you also get massages, physiotherapeutic
sessions, and exercises on the other hand.

What remains a hot favorite among
all these is yoga, known all over for its undeniable benefits on health. So, to
cure leg muscles and knee pain, you can try out some of the discussed yoga to get the best of results, no
matter what disease you suffer from.

The Lotus
Posture Or ‘Padmasana’

As the name suggests it resembles
God sitting on a lotus.
Sit straight with your spinal
cord erect, along with an upright neck and head. Sit on the ground with both of
your legs bent and kept parallel to the ground, such that the left leg clenches
over your right leg. Hold and push up only the feet of your right leg over the
left in such a way that the legs get locked.

Rest your arms firmly on either
of the knees in a similar direction.

Maintain this posture for around
30 seconds to a minute while you concentrate deeply.

Benefits Of
This Posture

The way it is done exerts
pressure on the legs, the leg joints and the muscles as well as benefits the
spinal cord and improves concentration

Knee Down
Posture Or ‘Vajrasana’

This is also a sitting posture. Sit firmly on the
floor with an erect spinal cord. Now fold in your legs towards the backside of
the body in the posture of kneeling. Keep your arms stretched and touching both
the knees. Breathe normal and maintain the posture by sitting on the inversely
folded legs for 30 seconds to a minute. Release gradually when done.

Benefits Of
This Exercise

It is essential for the joints
and muscles of the legs, as the full weight of the body is exerted on to them
by the pose. Together with it, the waist is also exercised and gets relief from soreness.

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The Sun
Worship Or ‘Surya Namaskaar’

This is a form of standing exercise. It is to be done,
by, firstly, standing straight on the ground. Then bend your left leg in the
position of chair. Stretch out your right leg as much as possible. Exert the
full-body pressure on the bent leg. Hold your arms out, stretched and erect, in front of you, parallel to each other. The
palms should be kept in such a way that they gently remain in contact with each
other, gesturing the prayer posture.

Maintain the posture for 10 to 15
seconds and repeat in the opposite direction now.

Benefits Of
This Exercise

This posture exerts stretch and
pressure on the cuff muscles of the legs as well as the hip muscles and gives relief to chronic pains.

The Dancing
Pose Or ‘Natarajasana’

This exercise has got its name
like this from the Indian God of Dance, Shiva or Nataraja. This is also a
standing exercise. Begin the exercise by standing in a straight posture. Now
slowly lift your left leg and put it back as straight and as much as you can. Twist your body a bit diagonally now,
so that your right arm is stretched backward and is placed in a parallel
direction to your left leg.

Your left hand will be stretched
out in front of you. Hold on to this posture for 5 to 10 seconds while you’re
breathing is normal. Then release and repeat it in the opposite direction.
Remember, in the initial stages you might feel it difficult to stand on one
foot. But with regular practice, you will be able to do this exercise

Benefits Of
This Exercise

This exercise increases the softness of the body. Since the whole body
weight falls on a single leg each time, so it is immensely beneficial for the
whole leg, joints, knee, and the muscles. It also pname com skype
benefits the hand muscles as well.



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