All About PUBG And Why It Is A Craze!


All About PUBG And Why It Is A Craze!

There’s a new type of
communication channel that we are seeing nowadays where chats and talks tend to
be going along with the game for hours and hours. PUBG which means
‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ enjoys most of its presence in the smartphone
over PC and console platforms due to the affordable and efficient smartphones
with dirt cheap data rates available in the market. Now, a new light version of
the game with less system requirements and new maps named “PUBG Mobile Lite” is
released as well. Even smartphone companies are bringing PUBG-oriented and
gaming phones just to lure the youths.
It’s has become the favorite
options for millions of Indians irrespective of gender and age to pass their
time and indulge in it completely. Let’s understand what PUBG really is.
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer game based on the
concept of ‘battle royale’. It was developed and published by PUBG Corporation,
which is operated by a South Korean video game major Bluehole. The interesting
thing to note is that this game has been inspired from a Japanese movie named
‘Battle Royale’. It was developed by a person named Brendan Greene who is
identified by the gaming name “PlayerUnknown”.
All About PUBG And Why It Is A Craze!
All About PUBG And Why It Is A Craze!
This game has now developed into
different game modes and arenas with different maps and game elements. PUBG
Mobile comes with three different game modes which consists of Classic, Arcade,
and EvoGround. In Classic mode, there are a total of four maps available for
you – Erangel,
Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. While in the Arcade mode, there is War,
Mini-Zone, Quick Match, and Sniper Training. EvoGround mode includes three
different categories of games such as Play Lab, Zombie Mode, and Team
Deathmatch. Play Lab has further four categories such as RageGear – TDm, RageGear
Pickup, Payload, Payload X War Mode. Zombie Mode has Survival Till Dawn 2 and
Team Deathmatch has The Ruins and Warehouse maps.
To extend this bit further,
there’s an option of playing either from FPP – First Person Perspective or TPP
– Third Person Perspective. The most famous of the lot is ‘Classic’ game. In
the game, a maximum of hundred players parachute onto a deserted island and
look out for weapons and equipment from the nearby houses and facilities to
kill others while keeping themselves safe in the ongoing battle. There is a
concept of safe area or blue line which keeps on decreasing from time to time.
This makes the battles faced closely and in an engaging manner. The team or
player who stands till the end is adjusted winner and gets the “Chicken
In this game, survival matters
more than the number of kills you do and the winner is the one who survives
till the end of the game. It is worth noting that a greater number of games you
tend to play, your ranking gets better, and more difficulties comes up.
If we see in total reality, PUBG
mobile game is an absolute fun. The slow and gradual transition from casual to
extremely difficult levels provides a new experience every time. It can be
possible that in one game, you get the title of “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”
and in the very next game you get killed in the first few seconds of the game
while scavenging for a weapon. These constant challenge makes it more
interesting and draws people towards it. People take out time anyhow by
delaying some work or depriving themselves of sleep and other important deeds.
Importantly, the game is fully
free and allows in-game purchase. This increases it popularity several folds.
It is surely addictive, especially if you have friends to team up with. The gameplay
has different elements attached to it and makes people play one after another
in continuity. They tend to make time to play again and again. It’s kind of a
trap that takes you in its stride and never let you lose.

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